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    Don’t Drink the Water 

    Join Austin’s fight to get added fluoride out of the water. Call city council today:
    Mayor Lee Leffingwell: 974-2250
    Mayor Pro Tem Member Mike Martinez: 974-2264
    Council Member Chris Riley: 974-2260
    Council Member Randi Shade: 974-2255
    Council Member Laura Morrison: 974-2258
    Council Member Bill Spelman: 974-2256
    Council Member Sheryl Cole: 974-2266

    Also visit: http://www.fluoridefreeaustin.org

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    WeAreChange Tampa Confront Civilian Police Cadets 

    WeAreChange Tampa
    December 7, 2009

    Civilian youth Police caught roaming the streets during a Christmas parade in St. Petersburg, Florida. We are Change Tampa confront them with questions. When we ask them they are extremely secretive about their association with the local police department and try to hide their badges and jackets that clearly say POLICE on them.



    Scouts Train to Fight Terrorists, and More


    President Obama Signs Landmark National Service Legislation

    http://www.nationalservice.gov/about/…The argument about whether hate speech is protected by the 1st Amendment has been postponed.

    URL link:


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      Hmmm, the took down the video for terms violation. That’s one of the drawbacks to letting someone else host your video, but what can you do? anyway, I’d really like to see the video as I’ve seen this shadeness and am interested in what the heck is going on.

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    It’s Over, Al Gore. 

    Abandon your lucrative carbon-scheming, admit there was never a ‘consensus’ and give back the Nobel Peace Prize, too.

    Aaron Dykes
    December 3, 2009

    Al Gore has just cancelled a high-profile appearance at the upcoming Copenhagen climate change conference only days after ‘ClimateGate’ revelations cast doubt on the legitimacy of the scientific ‘consensus’ (“hiding the decline” is not scientific in any respect). Just days ago, CRU director Phil Jones stepped down from his position at East Anglia University.

    Further, Gore has been confronted by We Are Change and other groups at book signing events everywhere he goes– and apparently his only response to charges of fraud is to unleash his goons to drag out dissenters. Sounds like Eco-fascism to me. It’s easy to reach consensus when opponents are barred from the conversation (see video below).

    The would-be ‘EcoProphet’ and media-darling Al Gore has been thoroughly discredited– along with the science-imposters of the highly-politicized IPCC — and now he is being prominently challenged by rising opposition to the Copenhagen carbon agenda. Lord Monckton has even called for Gore’s arrest.

    Gore also apparently made a fool of himself during an appearance with Conan O’Brien a few days ago, as he tried to push the unpractical subterranean geothermal solution. Countless papers across the country have ridiculed his appearance, including headlines such as “Just How Stupid is Al Gore, Anyway?” in the Examiner.com, The Hill’s “Earth to Al Gore” and “Gore Pushes ‘Global Warming Scam’” in the Sioux City Journal.

    Even the left-leaning Jon Stewart jabbed at “Poor Al Gore” on the popular Daily Show, mocking that “global warming [has been] debunked via the Internet YOU invented.”

    Former Vice President Al Gore– after decades of trying to censor free speech in rock music, pretending to invent the Internet and making phony promises that NAFTA ‘is good for America’– has been revealed not to be a friend of the earth, but, cynically, to be on schedule to become the ‘First Carbon Billionaire’ via his Goldman Sachs-partnered carbon trading empire (including Generation Investment Management, LLP and other firms).

    Al Gore, it’s time to abandon your lucrative carbon-scheming, admit there was never a scientific ‘consensus’ and give back the Nobel Peace Prize, too.

    Personally, I say you can keep the Oscar, as ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ is a veritable masterpiece in propaganda, though clearly the title and thrust of the film is almost completely deceptive. Your accolades can’t shake off the fact that the link to hurricanes & dead polar bears is false or that C02 levels follow temperature rises, not the other way around.

    We have seen you throw fits in House Congressional hearings on “Climate Change” and witnessed your infantile “heavy breathing” over the microphone when points of opposition were raised by Congressmen such as Rep. Scalise. Heavy breathing and indignant sighs were the tactics you used in the face of adversity even decades back when you debated Ross Perot on NAFTA.

    Al, you have had the audacity to challenge the very existence of your critics. You acted in concert with the IPCC, who readily booted out any and all of its scientific dissenters while you denied that any credible sources (including some 31,000 scientists and academics) disagreed with anthropogenic global warming. When ‘warming’ didn’t work, you took part in re-branding the effort as “climate change.”

    So please Gore, just stop. The debate is over, when it comes to your legitimacy in the public forum. Even the corporate-controlled media can no longer ignore the scale of your deception. In earlier days of American history, you would likely have been tarred-and-feathered.

    You should have left the scene after leaving office as Vice President. Now the world knows you are a treasonous fraud working to enrich yourself, undermine U.S. sovereignty, bind the peoples of the world under outrageous cap & trade regulations and  pursue “global governance.”

    If now find you have egg on your face, your tail between your legs or the smug smell of B.S. on your breath, it is because free humanity can see that the Eco-Emperor has no clothes (like a few other leaders I can think of). Canceling your events and running for cover was the right move. America has every right to regard you as an enemy.

    Just don’t stop running, or history may recognize you for the villain you are. Like a snake-oil charlatan from a Mark Twain novel, it’s time to skip town before the townspeople catch up to you. The best advice I can offer is to recognize when you are beat, and get the hell out of Dogde.

    URL to article: http://www.infowars.com/its-over-al-gore/

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    September 11th 2009: San Antonio WeAreChange 

    September 18, 2009

    WeAreChange San Antonio hit the streets on September 11th 2009.

    In front of the Alamo and the World Trade Center of SA.

    The whole world knows that the 9/11 Commission was a farce.

    60% of 9/11 Commissioners have gone public that the 9/11 Commission was failure.

    The FBI’s own website doesn’t have Usama Bin Landen wanted for the crimes of 9/11.

    URL to article: http://www.infowars.com/september-11th-2009-san-antonio-wearechange/

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    9/11/09 — Gone with the rain 

    Jerry Mazza
    Online Journal
    September 18, 2009

    It blew in like a hurricane from hell, pouring by 8 a.m. when the victims’ family members began reading off the names of their lost, often losing it themselves. Perhaps it was a rain of tears, a storm whipped up by a wind of fury that the ache of loss had not washed away with tears or the rain or the eight years passed since 9/11/01, on that loveliest of cloudless, sunny, cool fall mornings, accentuating the irony and pain of remembrance still more.

    9/11 Truth activists that gathered in New York City last Friday for the eighth anniversary of the WTC attacks.

    Even the young protesters from WeAreChange.Org were sparse, staring at the rain and wind tearing umbrellas away, leaving them to hunch in ponchos, jackets, or bare it all in their black and white 9/11 Was an Inside Job T-shirts. I didn’t arrive unti after 10, and then, did so with a feeling of approach avoidance. The suffering of these events was silent even for those who hadn’t lost anyone specifically or perhaps a friend or acquaintance or two. Yet, the cops were there and the endless barricades they had set up, creating a maze just to get from the subway to the Vesey Street side of Christ’s Church. Nothing like a bit of harassment to start the day.

    Of course, I remembered the earlier years of 9/11 when the church, the graveyard, the stones and iron fence were a grayish white, a ghost landscape thanks to the pyroplastic cloud of a million tons of concrete and poisons and god knew what else that settled on them, the earth, the surrounding streets, even as thousands of visitors flooded in from all over the world, some of them victims’ relatives, others simply there in sympathy, some in sheer curiosity at the devastation.

    Physically, Ground Zero hadn’t changed that much since then. The only newly constructed completed building you could point to is, ironically, Larry Silverstein’s Tower Seven, a large thumb in your face that made you want to snap it off at its joint to cause that sonofabitch sitting up there a pain back in kind. I’d heard him earlier on Channel One TV, whining that he couldn’t get the full financing he needed to complete the projects of rebuilding that he so cannily had cornered. Perhaps it was his payback, above and beyond his $500 million insurance profit for Tower Seven alone that helped him put up his building so quickly.

    One’s mind flashed over the usual 9/11 suspects as the wind and rain beat on your face and washed them away, cooling your simmering emotions. In fact, there among the gathering crowd of protestors was my friend John Uhlich from Chicago, standing with a poster of his 20-year old cousin who had been lost in Tower One. John, an engineer on the Union Pacific line, made this pilgrimage each year to honor his cousin, and to protest the infamy that brought that young life to its violent end. I had befriended John the previous year and shown him then the first copy of my new book State Of Shock – Poems from 9/11 on. He greeted me with a smile and firm handshake. We’d had dinner the night before and he brought a copy for me to sign.

    I immediately felt better, realizing the only real destinations in life are people, those who put a human face and emotion on landscapes, who bring it alive with their talk, their knowledge, their experience. At some point, Luke Rudkowski, the leader of WeAreChange came over and told us we were about to march to Tower Seven and should do so in twos, loosely banded, as if we weren’t connected, as if that would fool anyone that we were one solid band of protestors. Nevertheless, we did our best to play the game and placate the cops, leaving sidewalk space for the curious, the press and steady stream of working people for whom this might be just another day.

    In general, there seemed to be fewer police, especially the storm trooper types, with their mottled bullet-proof vests, automatic rifles crossed over their chests, and neo-Nazi style helmets fastened by chin-strips, black from head to jackboots. They often stood in lines across from us, at attention and at the ready it seemed to open fire. Rumor had it, though, that many scattered throughout the ranks believe in us and our cause, especially given their numbers lost in 9/11’s grim chaos. I had some trouble believing it, because like the firemen, bless their soul, these men and women were generally conservative, whose employer after all was the government, among which were the true perps.

    WeAreChange Minnesota.

    Nevertheless, a tone of mutual respect governed the scene, with the exception of two provocateurs. One had on a chartreuse wig of feathers and matching body suit, the other dressed like a prehistoric gorilla. Their design was to start trouble and make us look crazy as they were to the cameras and passersby. I won’t grace this page with their names. For me, they are barely human, nameless troublemakers, agents or nutcases most probably being paid by one agency or another to try to start trouble. The WeAreChange Security identified them to the police who told them to take off. And they did, fortunately for them.

    One of the beauties of these marches is that during the times between marching, when traffic is being allowed to pass, you meet new people of like minds, exchange information and stories, and get a sense of the deep concern, deep as your own, shared by these people. It buoys your heart which is often sunk by the deadhead skepticism, close-mindedness you are met with by every day people, wise-asses looking for trouble, and those who look at you like you were committing some travesty of disrespect against the dead and their families, when in fact you are seeking the justice they themselves wish for the true culprits.

    So, this is a psychic as well as a physical march which takes your energy on both levels, so you must lift your spirits with your fellow-believers. This year, again, in the windy, relentless rain, those spirits seemed dampened as well. Yet they trod on. At some point in the afternoon John and I leave the march for some lunch, some soup and sandwiches at a friendly Greek deli. We are both attending the WeAreChange event at Slate, a club venue, at 5 PM which would feature a number of first responders, activists, and even me, reading from my book. So John and I were nursing our energy, particularly myself, who had been battling a cough for the entire month of August. This business of protest, I had to believe, took its toll on you.

    As we sat in the bustling deli, the sounds of life went on, people at late lunches, the clatter of plates, laughter, conversations in several languages, all I thought that went on that first 9/11 in 01, when it all was so suddenly shattered by the smack of airliners, the explosions beneath and above and all through the Towers, coated by aerosolized super-thermate, thanks to nanotechnology.

    All the talk, the laughter, the intimacies of fellow workers I envisioned shattered in an instant as that first plane hit, and then the second, and the mayhem was ubiquitous, the sliding falls into that pyroplastic cloud that roamed the streets like a wild tsunami, engulfing all in its wake and leaving a ruin that would claim the lives and health of many thousands of first responders, what I called the second round of slaughter. But here I was moving forward again with John in the rain and looking at life in the rearview mirror. Lunch over, we found the subway and disappeared uptown, agreeing to meet at slate between 5 and 6 PM.

    Somewhere the march continued with the bravest of souls from the west to east side of town, turning the heads of the straight and narrow, stopping others in their tracks, chanting sound-bites, telling people whether they wished to hear it or not that there was another way to think about this tragedy, that it was just one more in an ancient history of false flag operations, to create a reason to attack those from whom you wanted something, in this case Muslim oil and real estate, and ultimately hegemonic control of the world in a New World Order.

    Those brave marchers would settle at One Police Plaza, in the belly of the potential beast, trying to convince even its protectors that we/that they had their brothers and sister’s best interest at heart. This was no mean feat and not for the feint of heart. But then these young people of WeAreChange and allied groups had the zeal, the strength, the conviction of the brave at heart. And in their raspy chants, sore by now, from the cold, the rain and the wind, they made themselves felt and heard, at whatever cost. Bless them all.

    At Slate

    At a quarter to six, the rain and wind were still at it, as I reached Slate’s club, carrying a carton of 20 of my books to sell or give away. I had a copy in that bag with the 10 or so poems listed that I had carefully picked out and timed. I had half an hour. No sooner did I arrive and some young fellow was making a beautiful, impassioned speech on behalf of the first responders, Luke asked me if I wanted to go on next. Next, I just got here! He looked and smiled, why not? For real why not? Okay, let’s do it. But I need a stand, Luke, to put my book and papers on. No problem.

    The crowd was my exhausted brothers and sisters having a drink in a large circle around the speaker and mike on its stand. They went hundreds deep, from all walks of life, the bold, the quiet, the thoughtful, the truly hurt, the smart and smarter, ex-veterans of Iraq, first responders, sympathizers, marchers, one muscled arm and fist. My god, this wasn’t your 92nd Street Y literati set (and who wanted them). These were my people.

    Before I had time to take off my rain jacket or sweater or wipe off my sweat, Luke introduced me and life pulled me into the light, my hands shaking, the mike before me, and I talked to the crowd, read to them, poured every bit of strength I had to bring those poems (written for them) alive. And it seemed to work. No one threw fruit. But applause sounded every each piece. The gauntlet, the trial by fire, turned out friendly, and when I was finished, many hands thrust themselves out for shaking, many pats on the back came, and I was home among my people. What a great feeling.

    Past me, came others. First responders who told of endless sufferings, of insurance companies trying to minimize their chronic, killing injuries, lying doctors saying they were exaggerating, crippling their souls and those of their families. They had thousands of dollars a month in drug costs. One man, who had been a volunteer from Pennsylvania, who had simply left work on 9/11/01, drove to Jersey, parked his car, and walked the Washington Bridge, then traveled down to Ground Zero to work in and around the pit ceaselessly. He was there with his son of seven or eight on his shoulders, a beautiful blond-haired boy. They were heartbreaking, the two of them, and he with his tales of illness received in the name of his effort to help his country.

    I found out later the man’s name is John Citara. Robert Wanek wrote a piece about a Fundraiser For John Citara. This link will take you to WeAreChange. Scroll down until you find the article.

    Robert Wanek: The Story Of John Citara (He Needs Our Help)

    There were several others who were half-crazed from fear and pain, one man on suicide watch, struggling with an existential turmoil and pain that one could barely imagine. They were simply staring death in the face as life went on in this warm room filled with friends, warmed with alcohol, and out of the wind, rain and chill. My friend John was near and other friends of mine, as well as my wife. The barrage of pain we took was only a shadow of what was felt by these desperate and loyal souls. If there was a god in heaven, was he listening? Would he or someone bring justice to these sick and dying men? Could all of the efforts of the healthy have an effect? One could only hope and pray.

    At some point, exhausted from my own physical issue, I said goodbye to my friends and left with my wife for home. We walked through the somewhat subsided rain to the subway, looking like a bunker for a coming onslaught that I didn’t even wish to imagine. And the train roared into the station, swallowed us into its rainbow crowd, and rumbled uptown to our stop. We got out, stopped at a small, inexpensive French restaurant and ordered a late dinner, practically speechless, not aided by the overly loud music.

    We ate with the relish of real hunger. Paid the check. The handsome French owner offered us each a 50 percent off card good for dinner any Tuesday night. Life could be sweet. Bon nuit. We stepped into the street. The rain and the wind were gone like the day itself. The air smelled clean and fresh. Life went on all about us on Broadway, from beautiful people to perennial beggars. We walked home.

    I watched the tail end of a Yankee game, in my pajamas, in bed. My wife straightened out the house. Life went on. Life goes on. Tomorrow, Saturday was another day of 9/11 events at St. Mark’s Church. Sunday the sun was promised and I was headed for the woods upstate. I fell asleep before the game ended, listening to the crowds from the stadium cheering for something. Maybe it was simply for the joy of being alive. Bless the living as we mourn the lost was the last thought I remember having before the curtain fell on another day. And we shall overcome!

    URL to article: http://www.infowars.com/91109-gone-with-the-rain/

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    WeAreChange Confronts the CDC Over Vaccines: Voluntary of Mandatory? 

    August 26, 2009

    Representative from the CDC does not even come close to answering the question.

    URL to article: http://www.infowars.com/wearechange-confronts-the-cdc-over-vaccines-voluntary-of-mandatory/

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    We Are Change Colorado: Military Confirms States Deciding Mandatory Vaccination 

    Colorado Change
    August 14, 2009

    While asking questions with the CDC Pentagon representative, We Are Change Colorado was able to get a video confirmation that States will be deciding on the issue of mandatory vaccinations, not the Federal government.

    We Are Change Colorado attended a CDC meeting held in Denver, Colorado to advise on a vaccination program. They educated everyone at the event on vaccinations and the reality of what we are faced with right now, the Military representative from the pentagon who was there was so frustrated with our objections and questions he left before the meeting was even done.

    Also, We Are Change Colorado is launching a website dedicated to Vaccination Awareness called VaccinationEducation.com where free downloadable fliers and information will be made available as well as videos and so fourth. The website is in development now and will be up soon. It will offer DVDs as well for actions and begin a Vaccine truth day similar to the 11th of the month actions. Vaccine Awareness has never been more important. We are also considering starting a Pledge similar to Oathkeepers to have nurses and doctors pledge that in a mass forced vaccination program implemented, if ever, they will not give it if the person refuses.

    See CDC H1N1 “Community Engagement” Meetings — Register and Make Your Voice Heard

    URL to article: http://www.infowars.com/we-are-change-colorado-military-confirms-states-deciding-mandatory-vaccination/

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    Jay Rockefeller Can’t Deny His Connection to Modern Eugenics 

    Kurt Nimmo
    July 22, 2009

    Near the end of the video here shot by WeAreChange activists, the great-grandson of John D. Rockefeller can only offer a telling smile when asked about the eugenics history of his family. “Go find somebody else to talk to,” snaps the West Virginia senator when politely asked to elaborate.

    WeAreChange confront Jay Rockefeller.

    As briefly documented in the short video, the Rockefeller family essentially created the modern eugenics movement from scratch. As John B. Sharpless of the University of Wisconsin documented in 1993 after examining the files of the Rockefeller Foundation, the records of the Population Council, and the personal papers of John D. Rockefeller III, Rockefeller spawned foundations are responsible for a “nearly unanimous change in attitudes and ideas about population that occurred during the 1960s.” In addition to the Rockefeller Foundation and the Population Council, other foundations active in eugenics include the Ford Foundation, the Milbank Memorial Fund, the Carnegie Corporation, and the Conservation Foundation.

    The Carnegie Institution established a laboratory complex at Cold Spring Harbor on Long Island in 1904 that stockpiled millions of index cards on ordinary Americans, as researchers carefully plotted the removal of families, bloodlines and whole peoples. “From Cold Spring Harbor, eugenics advocates agitated in the legislatures of America, as well as the nation’s social service agencies and associations,” Edwin Black wrote for the San Francisco Chronicle in 2003.

    In the United States, key eugenic organizations funded by the Rockefeller, Harriman and Carnegie families included the American Eugenics Society, and its sister organization, the American Society of Human Genetics established in 1947, the above mentioned Cold Springs Harbor Experimental Station for the Study of Evolution, the Eugenic Record Office, and the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research.

    It should be noted that J.D. Rockefeller and Averell Harriman were business partners of Prescott Bush in Brown Brothers Harriman. In addition to funding and promoting eugenics, they supported and funded the Nazi rise to power.

    featured stories   Jay Rockefeller Cant Deny His Connection to Modern Eugenics
    Clinton featured stories   Jay Rockefeller Cant Deny His Connection to Modern Eugenics
    Jay Rockefeller’s family is responsible for the racist eugenics policies that led to the mass extermination of millions.

    The Rockefellers funded the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Germany, ultimately responsible for Hitler’s mass extermination policy. In addition to supporting Alexis Carrel, who advocated the use of poison gas to get rid of useless eaters, the Rockefellers funded the program that Josef Mengele worked in before he went to Auschwitz where he became medical commandant and experimented on concentration camp inmates. These gruesome medical experiments included needles used to change eye color, work on infections and blood transfusions, the removal of limbs without anesthetics, sex changes, sterilization, and other unspeakable crimes. Countless people were murdered and their organs, eyeballs, heads, and limbs sent to the Rockefeller group at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute.

    The Rockefellers’ chief executive for the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute was the fascist Swiss psychiatrist Ernst Rudin. Rudin and his staff, as part of the Task Force of Heredity Experts chaired by SS chief Heinrich Himmler, crafted Germany’s sterilization law. Dr. Alexis Carrel of the Rockefeller Institute and a Nobel Prize winner publically applauded Hitler for advocating the mass murder of mental patients and prisoners.

    Rockefeller and his bankster cronies were up to their eyes in eugenics and mass extermination. “Under the Nazis, the German chemical company I.G. Farben and Rockefeller’s Standard Oil of New Jersey were effectively a single firm, merged in hundreds of cartel arrangements. I.G. Farben was led, up until 1937, by the Warburg family, Rockefeller’s partner in banking and in the design of Nazi German eugenics,” writes Anton Chaitkin. Standard-Germany president Emil Helfferich testified after the war that Standard Oil funds helped pay for SS guards at Auschwitz, the notorious mass extermination and slave labor camp.

    After the war, the Rockefeller eugenics movement experienced a facelift to distance itself from the discredited Nazis. In the 1950s, the Rockefellers reorganized the U.S. eugenics movement and added population-control and abortion groups. The Eugenics Society changed its name to the Society for the Study of Social Biology — a mere two months after Roe was handed down. “The name was changed because it became evident that changes of a eugenic nature would be made for reasons other than eugenics, and that tying a eugenic label on them would more often hinder than help their adoption. Birth control and abortion are turning out to be great eugenic advances of our time. If they had been advanced for eugenic reasons it would have retarded or stopped their acceptance,” commented Frederick Osborn, who oversaw the workings of the organization at the time.

    • A d v e r t i s e m e n t
    • efoods

    As documented by Rebecca Messall and others, Roe v. Wade “relies directly and indirectly on the work of members of the British and American eugenic societies and of eugenics-related groups and initiatives.” Abortion has nothing to do with “choice” or empowering women — it is about controlling the masses and culling the herd.

    In his excellent study of the Rockefellers, Gary Allen explains that the “Rockefeller game plan is to use population, energy, food, and financial controls as a method of people control which will lead, steadily and deliberately, into the Great Merger,” a one-world government and global fascism. “Understand that … enforced infertility is not planned for India or Senegal, but for the United States, where zero population growth is already a fact.

    But we are being led to believe that unless we give Big Brother total power over people’s rights to have children, we will all be ankle deep in human beings within a decade. Such august organizations as the National Academy of Sciences are helping to hawk this Rockefeller line… Curbing population growth is just part of the Rockefeller war on the American family. Abortion is another.

    Jay Rockefeller may deny knowledge of his family’s intimate connections to eugenics and abortion — and direct involvement in Hitler’s genocidal rampage across Europe — but the record is out there for all to see. It is easily researched on the internet.

    And maybe that is why Jay Rockefeller mused during a Senate committee hearing a few months ago that we’d all be better off if the internet never existed. Minus the internet and search engines, it will be far easier to lead the masses to near extinction if they go ignorantly blissful like lambs to the slaughter with little more resistance than a bleat.

    Drastically slashing world population and reducing the remainder into obedient slaves is the final act of the global elite. Jay Rockefeller knows it and that’s what his knowing smile was all about.

    URL to article: http://www.infowars.com/jay-rockefeller-cant-deny-his-connection-to-modern-eugenics/

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    Rockefeller Sidesteps WeAreChange Question on CFR, Bilderbergers 

    July 22, 2009

    Jay Rockefeller refuses to answer questions, tells Change they are not legitimate because they don’t have corporate media credentials.

    URL to article: http://www.infowars.com/rockefeller-sidesteps-wearechange-question-on-cfr-bilderbergers/

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    WeAreChange LA Questions VP Biden on 9/11 and Nano-thermite 

    WeAreChange LA
    May 18, 2009

    After the last words were spoken, it was obvious that the press would not have an opportunity to ask questions, so Jeremy and Bruno moved quickly, crammed against the wall, toward the podium in an effort to create an opportunity to ask a question. We were at an advantage with our hand held cameras, and we actually found ourselves right next to Biden as he moved chairs aside to fulfill requests for photos with residents in attendance. The moment generated many smiles and laughter, and genuine joy could be seen in the faces of all the residents. Biden stood and addressed the residents, and the instant that the photo op was finished, Jeremy engaged him: Vice-President Biden, Im Jeremy Rothe-Kushel with WACLA Media. Biden said, “If I had your hair, I would be President!” Jeremy couldnt disagree with that and offered up that Biden could have some since there was enough to go around. Then it was time to get serious and Jeremy jumped right into the preliminary part of his question.

    It seems like with the kind of work that Esparanza and communities around the world are doing in terms of rejuvenating themselves, we could all rejuvenate our communities. So, I want to ask you about the role, the foundational role, [that] restoring the rule of law has in terms of rejuvenating our economy because there was a recent scientific paper that came out, I dont know if you know about it, but it basically is conclusive that the World Trade Center was blown up by very high, advanced explosives and it should have been and continue to be the very highest news story right now. So, my question to you is, when are you and President Obama going to ask the Department of Justice to start a criminal investigation in terms of who produced this advanced nano-thermite and who put it in the World Trade Center?

    • A d v e r t i s e m e n t
    • efoods

    The space had gone silent, and every single person, including the press, the residents, the politicians and the Secret Service were listening intently to Jeremy’s question, and they all could not help but witness Biden’s discomfort and his loss for words. At this point Biden asked to see the report and took it to into his hands to look at it.

    With the paper in the Vice-Presidents hands, Jeremy finished up the question by asking: And if you all are not going to do that, is it possible for We the American People to trust you with our economy if we cant trust you with restoring the rule of law? Biden, obviously caught in an awkward moment, handed the scientific paper back to Jeremy, and said “Yes,” then said thank you to everybody, and quickly turned to leave. While leaving the scene, offered up a little bit more in terms of his ambiguous answer. That its possible to trust—you can trust us.

    Unsatisfied with the evasiveness and ambiguity of the Vice Presidents answer, Jeremy continued to call out to Biden, asking him to clarify his position in regards to the 9/11 cover-up, but Biden did not clarify his position any further. Are you going to do an investigation? Sir, are you part of the treasonous cover-up of 9/11 or are you going to help clear this up? Vice President Biden, this is about treason under Article III, Section 3 of the Constitution.

    Today we managed to get the only question asked, and every single person present walked away from that event with Jeremy’s question about scientific proof for military grade explosives used in the destruction of the Twin Towers on their mind. On our way out, a reporter complained to Jeremy that “it doesn’t matter what story you are after you should always keep it with the agenda of the moment,” to which Bruno’s pleasant response was, “When is 9-11 ever the agenda of the moment?” The reporter bowed his head and walked away.

    As we stood in the street, smiles on our faces for having just had an intense experience of engaging high rank politicians about 9-11 and treason, the same Secret Service agent we had interacted with before the press conference came walking out. He smiled and pointed at us, “Great work guys!” then he saluted us! Yes, a Secret Service agent saluted us for asking the Vice President a hard question about scientific proof of the controlled demolition of the towers on 9-11. Bruno called out to him “Thank you! You did a great job running a smooth operation!”

    URL to article: http://www.infowars.com/wearechange-la-questions-vp-biden-on-911-and-nano-thermite/

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