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  • Scavpor 3:10 pm on September 9, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Media & Blogosphere React To Sheen’s Request For Meeting With Obama 

    Paul Joseph Watson
    Prison Planet.com
    Wednesday, September 9, 2009

    The media and the blogosphere have begun to react to actor Charlie Sheen’s call for a meeting with President Obama to discuss the 9/11 cover-up, with even some of Sheen’s detractors praising the style of his “20 Minutes WIth The President” letter.

    With big corporate media networks expected to wade in on the controversy today or tomorrow, as happened when Sheen first went public with his 9/11 questions in March 2006, the first responses have originated from online only news websites and blogs.

    One of the first to react was Kim LaCapria of the Inquisitr blog, who lauded Sheen’s style of “fanfic” writing in the form of his mock meeting with the President.

    “Charlie Sheen has taken questioning the official account of September 11th to a whole new level,” writes LaCapria, adding, “He’s written a fanfic about it. He doesn’t call it fanfic, but any of us who used to be addicted to Harry Potter fanfic know what fanfic is – we recognize it when we see it.”

    “As a native New Yorker who thinks the 9/11 Commission Report was an insult and that the previous administration is at least guilty of criminal negligence, I don’t begrudge Sheen his fervor on the subject,” she adds.

    A Gawker.com report on the story was more sophomoric than complimentary, but still acknowledges the piece as “a breathtaking piece of fantasy journalism.”

    Meanwhile, over on the AfterEllen website, a poster describes Sheen’s efforts as “pretty creative” and encourages everyone to read his letter to Obama.

    A World Entertainment News Network report on the story, picked up by the Houston Chronicle, presents a balanced and neutral view of the issue, noting that Sheen hopes his letter will make “the president will take note of his campaign and grant him a meeting.”

    A decidedly more vicious response carried by the Associated Content website attempts to link Sheen to recently resigned Obama jobs czar Van Jones and portray 9/11 truthers as a psychologically disturbed fringe, while failing to mention the fact that thousands of credible individuals both in and out of government, military leaders, intelligence professionals, legal scholars, architects and engineers, and indeed the majority of the 9/11 Commission members have all publicly questioned the official 9/11 story.

    Separately, a few other blogs were up in arms about Sheen’s letter being a “hoax” because the disclaimer clarifying that the meeting with Obama was a stylized fictional account and not a real event did not get added to the bottom of the article until a little later due to technical snafus and a bombardment of traffic that shut down servers and locked out Infowars and Prison Planet webmasters. With the Infowars version having been copied across from Prison Planet, both original versions did not contain the disclaimer until the error was brought to our attention and promptly fixed as soon as we could gain access to servers that kept crashing, as many readers noted at the time. We added the disclaimer as soon as possible as well as other information that should have been included at the bottom of the original article regarding Sheen’s appearance on the show. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused and are trying to move our servers in house to prevent this routine occurrence from happening again.

    Others expressed disappointment that the announcement wasn’t big enough, but as Alex Jones stressed on several occasions, Sheen’s letter is only the start of a chain of events that will put 9/11 truth firmly at the forefront of public attention during the week of the 8th anniversary since the tragic events of that day.

    The issue is set to gain more prominence today as Sheen’s brand new full 20 minute interview on the subject airs on The Alex Jones Show with a call to action video to follow on Thursday and the Sheen set to appear live on the show on Friday.

    We would like to thank Charlie Sheen for his courageous stance for 9/11 truth in the face of what promises to be an establishment backlash and encourage everyone to get behind him in bringing these issues to the forefront of national consciousness in this anniversary week.

    URL to article: http://www.infowars.com/media-blogosphere-react-to-sheen%e2%80%99s-request-for-meeting-with-obama/

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    Hollywood Gossip Websites Cover Appearance of Pratts on Alex Jones’ Show 

    July 1, 2009

    It took didn’t take long for the corporate media gossip machine to crank out hit pieces aimed at Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag Pratt after they appeared on the Alex Jones Show.

    featured stories   Hollywood Gossip Websites Cover Appearance of Pratts on Alex Jones Show
    featured stories   Hollywood Gossip Websites Cover Appearance of Pratts on Alex Jones Show
    Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag Pratt are not strangers to the gossip media.

    “In a Monday appearance on Alex Jones’ radio show, Infowars, the couple revealed they feel 9/11 was an ‘inside job,’ say the idea that global warming exists is ‘mind boggling’ and lament the ‘end of humanity,’” writes the website for Us Magazine, the celebrity gossip weekly founded by The New York Times Company.

    The Pratts told Jones — who is known for his conspiracy theories of a “New World Order” (or, as he feels, code for “totalitarian world government”) — they found out about him after a music producer gave them a copy of Jones’ movie, The Obama Deception.

    “I really do feel like we took the blue pill or whatever from The Matrix,” Spencer says.

    The website includes a link to an Infowars podcast of the broadcast.

    Us Magazine picked up the story from Jezebel, an appropriately named blog covering “celebrity, sex, fashion for women.”

    Sadie, writing for the lurid website, characterized Alex Jones as a “paleo-wingnut.” According to Ms. Sadie, “Alex Jones is a Texas-based nut-job with a penchant for conspiracy theories, references to ‘Big Brother’ and, obviously, a history of appearances in the worst Richard Linklater movies. In 2007 he made a film called Loose Change dealing with “the New World Order,” aka ‘totalitarian world government.’ (The New World Order seems to involve Obama deception, the suppression of American sovereignty and a lot of conspiracies.)”

    “Spiedi” and her husband, according to Jezebel, are “Obama-big deep thinkers” who are “prepared to address the secret population decline.” In fact, as Alex has repeatedly pointed out on his show and in his documentaries, engineered “population decline,” more accurately defined as eugenics, is anything but a secret.

    “Jones says he plans to have the couple back on his show in the coming days, presumably to continue their education,” the Jezebel scribe sarcastically continues. “We hope so, because if this is part of Spencer’s plan for world domination, it’s seriously mysterious.”

    The imaginatively titled website The Hollywood Gossip also picked up the story. “The plastic pair hit up a conservative radio show, hosted by Alex Jones, to speak about their ‘awakening’ towards something called ‘the New World Order,’” writes Free Britney (another imaginative name). “Are these two possibly for real, or is this just another attempt by The Hills’ gruesome twosome to generate more media attention in any way possible?”

    As the interview revealed, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag Pratt are for real and determined to use their celebrity to send the message far and wide. Us Magazine, Jezebel, and The Hollywood Gossip may think they are merely engaging in routine trashing of the “plastic pair,” but they are helping get the message out, too.

    URL to article: http://www.infowars.com/hollywood-gossip-websites-cover-appearance-of-pratts-on-alex-jones-show/

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    MTV Star Heidi Montag: Over My Dead Body Would I Take A Microchip 

    Paul Joseph Watson
    Prison Planet.com
    Tuesday, June 30, 2009

    MTV Star Heidi Montag: Over My Dead Body Would I Take A Microchip 300609top3

    Star of MTV’s The Hills Heidi Montag appeared on The Alex Jones Show today with her fellow co-star husband Spencer Pratt to discuss how some nightclubs are introducing implantable identification microchips to allow customers to access VIP areas. Montag told Jones, “You would have to kill me before I get a chip.”

    Montag said that as a Christian she had always been aware of “the mark of the beast” and the content of the book of Revelations but over the last month she and her husband had arrived at a “new awakening” concerning what is going on in the world after one of her music producers showed them Alex Jones’ latest documentary The Obama Deception.

    “You would have to kill me before I get a chip, that would never happen,” said Montag, referring to implantable microchips.

    “The fact that people are even already OK with this is sickening, I could throw up right now,” she added, “A chip? are we dogs? Not even dogs deserve chips.”

    • A d v e r t i s e m e n t
    • efoods

    “It says in the bible that it’s the mark of the beast and that is a sign of worshipping the devil – so over my dead body would I ever get a chip in my body,” said Montag, adding, “My body belongs to Jesus Christ, to God alone, and no one will ever put anything in me, I will not worship the devil, I will not be conformed to this world, that will not happen.”

    The subject of implantable microchips has vehemently left the realm of paranoia and is now a major concern as governments around the world prepare to roll out national ID cards which many fear could be replaced by mandatory implantable chips in the not too distant future.

    Media interest surrounding the issue spiked in 2002 when the Jacobs family of Boca Raton, Florida, were all implanted with a Verichip containing their personal information for health and security reasons, as well as because the son Derek fantasized “about merging humans and machines”. NBC News’ Today Show even broadcast live footage of the family being surgically implanted with their chips.

    In 2004, MSNBC reported that the Mexican attorney general and his staff of 160 people had “been implanted with microchips that get them access to secure areas of their headquarters.”

    In August 2007, the Department of Defense announced that they were pursuing a “brain-implantable “biochip” that will measure/relay a soldier’s vitals on the battlefield,” a project said to be five years from completion.

    As we have previously highlighted, the promotion of microchips not just from a safety or military aspect but in the context of popular culture is starting to gain serious momentum.

    The most recent example comes from Yahoo Tech, which this week rehashed a 5 year old story about an implantable microchip being required to access the VIP area of a cool nightclub in Barcelona, as well as being used in place of a credit card to pay for drinks.

    The story emphasizes how taking the chip is used to “free customers of the burdens of having to carry their purses or wallets” and “makes sense”.

    URL to article: http://www.infowars.com/mtv-star-heidi-montag-over-my-dead-body-would-i-take-a-microchip/

    • richard 6:15 pm on July 1, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      i got my dogs chipped so if they get lost they can be scanned by a dog warden and returned to me. anything with a chip in it is someone’s property and marked as such. if people are chipped, who is the warden? it’s de-humanising.

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    Scientists to simulate supernovas with world’s largest laser 

    Wolfgang Gruener
    TG Daily
    June 1, 2009

    The National Ignition Facility (NIF) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has been opened late last week. The world’s largest laser generation engine includes 192 ultraviolet laser beams that can be combined to an energy level of four million joules – enough to simulate temperatures and pressures that lead to stellar explosions.

    Scheduled to go in operation in 2010, the NIF is claimed to enable a wide range of experiments never before possible on earth. The 10-story building houses a massive laser amplification structure that sends laser pulses with a length of 100 trillionths to 25 billionths of a second into a target chamber that scientists believe will offer more insight in the secrets of our universe, nuclear explosions and future energy technology.

    • A d v e r t i s e m e n t
    • efoods

    A low-energy pulse is split and carried on optical fibers to 48 preamplifier modules for initial amplification and beam conditioning. In the preamplifiers, the energy is increased by a factor of ten billion to a few joules. The 48 beams from the 48 preamplifiers are then split into four beams each for injection into the 192 main laser amplifier. Through a complex amplification system, and a distance of more than 1000 feet, each of the 192 beams is amplified to more than 20,000 joules.

    Mirrors in two ten-story steel structures known as “switchyards” rearrange the parallel, linear array of the beams into a spherical configuration so that the beams can be focused into the center of the target chamber. Targets within the chamber, the NIF said, are located “with a precision that is measured in fractions of the thickness of a sheet of paper.”

    “More energy will be produced by this ‘ignition’ process than the amount of laser energy required to start it. This is the long-sought goal of ‘energy gain’ that has been the goal of fusion researchers for more than half a century. NIF’s success will be a scientific breakthrough of historic significance – the first demonstration of fusion ignition in a laboratory setting, duplicating on earth the processes that power the stars,” said NIF director Edward Moses.

    URL to article: http://www.infowars.com/scientists-to-simulate-supernovas-with-worlds-largest-laser/

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    New Solar Cycle Prediction 

    May 30, 2009

    An international panel of experts led by NOAA and sponsored by NASA has released a new prediction for the next solar cycle. Solar Cycle 24 will peak, they say, in May 2013 with a below-average number of sunspots.

    science technology   New Solar Cycle Prediction “If our prediction is correct, Solar Cycle 24 will have a peak sunspot number of 90, the lowest of any cycle since 1928 when Solar Cycle 16 peaked at 78,” says panel chairman Doug Biesecker of the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center.

    Right: A solar flare observed in Dec. 2006 by NOAA’s GOES-13 satellite.

    It is tempting to describe such a cycle as “weak” or “mild,” but that could give the wrong impression.

    “Even a below-average cycle is capable of producing severe space weather,” points out Biesecker. “The great geomagnetic storm of 1859, for instance, occurred during a solar cycle of about the same size we’re predicting for 2013.”

    The 1859 storm–known as the “Carrington Event” after astronomer Richard Carrington who witnessed the instigating solar flare–electrified transmission cables, set fires in telegraph offices, and produced Northern Lights so bright that people could read newspapers by their red and green glow. A recent report by the National Academy of Sciences found that if a similar storm occurred today, it could cause $1 to 2 trillion in damages to society’s high-tech infrastructure and require four to ten years for complete recovery. For comparison, Hurricane Katrina caused “only” $80 to 125 billion in damage.

    science technology   New Solar Cycle Prediction

    Above: This plot of sunspot numbers shows the measured peak of the last solar cycle in blue and the predicted peak of the next solar cycle in red. Credit: NOAA/Space Weather Prediction Center. [more]

    The latest forecast revises an earlier prediction issued in 2007. At that time, a sharply divided panel believed solar minimum would come in March 2008 followed by either a strong solar maximum in 2011 or a weak solar maximum in 2012. Competing models gave different answers, and researchers were eager for the sun to reveal which was correct.

    “It turns out that none of our models were totally correct,” says Dean Pesnell of the Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA’s lead representative on the panel. “The sun is behaving in an unexpected and very interesting way.”

    Researchers have known about the solar cycle since the mid-1800s. Graphs of sunspot numbers resemble a roller coaster, going up and down with an approximately 11-year period. At first glance, it looks like a regular pattern, but predicting the peaks and valleys has proven troublesome. Cycles vary in length from about 9 to 14 years. Some peaks are high, others low. The valleys are usually brief, lasting only a couple of years, but sometimes they stretch out much longer. In the 17th century the sun plunged into a 70-year period of spotlessness known as the Maunder Minimum that still baffles scientists.

    science technology   New Solar Cycle Prediction

    Above: Yearly-averaged sunspot numbers from 1610 to 2008. Researchers believe upcoming Solar Cycle 24 will be similar to the cycle that peaked in 1928, marked by a red arrow. Credit: NASA/MSFC

    Right now, the solar cycle is in a valley–the deepest of the past century. In 2008 and 2009, the sun set Space Age records for low sunspot counts, weak solar wind, and low solar irradiance. The sun has gone more than two years without a significant solar flare.

    “In our professional careers, we’ve never seen anything quite like it,” says Pesnell. “Solar minimum has lasted far beyond the date we predicted in 2007.”

    • A d v e r t i s e m e n t
    • efoods

    In recent months, however, the sun has begun to show timorous signs of life. Small sunspots and “proto-sunspots” are popping up with increasing frequency. Enormous currents of plasma on the sun’s surface (”zonal flows”) are gaining strength and slowly drifting toward the sun’s equator. Radio astronomers have detected a tiny but significant uptick in solar radio emissions. All these things are precursors of an awakening Solar Cycle 24 and form the basis for the panel’s new, almost unanimous forecast.

    According to the forecast, the sun should remain generally calm for at least another year. From a research point of view, that’s good news because solar minimum has proven to be more interesting than anyone imagined. Low solar activity has a profound effect on Earth’s atmosphere, allowing it to cool and contract. Space junk accumulates in Earth orbit because there is less aerodynamic drag. The becalmed solar wind whips up fewer magnetic storms around Earth’s poles. Cosmic rays that are normally pushed back by solar wind instead intrude on the near-Earth environment. There are other side-effects, too, that can be studied only so long as the sun remains quiet.

    Meanwhile, the sun pays little heed to human committees. There could be more surprises, panelists acknowledge, and more revisions to the forecast.

    “Go ahead and mark your calendar for May 2013,” says Pesnell. “But use a pencil.”

    URL to article: http://www.infowars.com/new-solar-cycle-prediction/

    • Ursula Chirico 12:51 pm on October 29, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Do you have any information concerning Solar Flare activity on July 11, 1928? If so, please send info. to my e-mail address above.
      Thank you.

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