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  • Scavpor 12:25 am on September 20, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Wellesley, Massachusetts Public School Students Learn to Pray to Allah 

    In late May of 2010, Wellesley, Massachusetts public middle school students took a field trip to the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center – a controversial Saudi-funded mega-mosque run by the Muslim American Society of Bostn. There, the students were separated by gender and the boys were asked to join the Muslim adults in their prayer. Several of the public school boys took part.

    • Clay Boggess 8:15 am on September 23, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      You’re going to a mosque and you didn’t know that there was going to be some sort of religious activity taking place? Didn’t the people who were in charge of the field trip already know that this prayer would take place as part of the itinerary? Hindsight is always 20/20 but perhaps someone could have found this out ahead of time and given people the choice to opt out. Or is this being narrow-minded and bigoted? I can only imagine that a lot of teachers as well as students were too uncomfortable once the prayer started to do anything but participate. What an awkward situation to have to be in.

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    State Says Forced Injections, Quarantines For “Rapidly Spreading Germ,” But Not Swine Flu 

    Paul Joseph Watson
    Prison Planet.com
    Friday, September 18, 2009

    Health authorities in Massachusetts have indicated that they will impose quarantines and mandatory vaccinations in the event of the H1N1 virus mutating into a lethal germ, but that forcible injections are not on the agenda for the swine flu outbreak as it stands.

    Concerns about mandatory vaccination programs have been growing worldwide over recent weeks as governments have failed to unequivocally state that the swine flu shot will be voluntary, while ordering enough batches to inoculate their entire population.

    These fears have been heightened by warnings from whistle blowers that law enforcement and military officials have been running drills focused around quarantining people who refuse to take the vaccine.

    Governments of some European countries, such as Greece, have announced that the H1N1 vaccine will be mandatory, while leaked internal French government documents outline a similar plan for a program of mass vaccination without exception.

    In response to pressure from the Liberty Preservation Association of Massachusetts, state officials have been forced to acknowledge that the swine flu shot will not be mandatory, but they did not rule out the prospect of people being forcibly injected or quarantined if the H1N1 virus mutates into a deadlier germ, which many health authorities have all but guaranteed it will.

    Massachusetts Public Health Commissioner John Auerbach sent a memo to legislators this week advising them “mandatory vaccination is not and has never been part of the plan or discussion in Massachusetts’ pandemic response.”

    However, state legislation passed in April does mandate that people who refuse to follow orders to remain isolated can be hit with a daily fine of $1000 and also face up to a month in jail.

    A Boston Globe article also notes that the legislation in place describes “quarantining people who decline inoculations” in the event of a “bioterror attack or the emergence of a highly lethal, rapidly spreading germ.”

    • A d v e r t i s e m e n t
    • efoods

    The issue of mandatory vaccinations in Massachusetts is especially prescient due to the fact that authorities in Boston have already trialed vaccination tracking technology with the purpose of creating a “vaccination map” charting which people have taken the vaccine and which have not, or “creating a citywide registry of everyone who has had a flu vaccination,” as a Boston Globe article describes, via the use of RFID bracelets. Police and military whistle blowers have warned that these bracelets will be used to single out who hasn’t received the vaccine, upon which the individual will be forcibly quarantined by authorities if they refuse to take the shot.

    Health authorities in other states have been coy about exactly what level of outbreak severity will trigger a mandatory vaccination program. However, after a concerned blogger called the Arkansas State Health Department it was revealed that authorities there believe that mandatory injections are constitutional and can be enforced at gunpoint if necessary.

    Health authorities in Massachusetts expressed concern that suspicion surrounding the swine flu shot could impinge on their plan to vaccinate as many people as possible.

    “Auerbach’s letter demonstrates that his agency is worried the dissent could raise doubts about vaccination and imperil an unprecedented campaign to inoculate millions this fall against the seasonal flu and the swine strain,” reports the Globe.

    However, concerns about the vaccine are firmly rooted in the fact that it will contain a cocktail of dangerous additives and ingredients.

    As we have previously documented, the swine flu vaccine was rushed through safety procedures while governments have provided pharmaceutical companies with blanket immunity from lawsuits arriving out of the vaccine causing deaths and injuries.

    It was previously revealed that some batches of the vaccine will contain mercury, a toxin linked with autism and neurological disorders. The vaccine will also contain the dangerous ingredient squalene, which has been directly linked with cases of Gulf War Syndrome and a host of other debilitating diseases.

    It was also recently reported that the UK government sent a confidential letter to senior neurologists telling them to be on the alert for cases of a brain disorder called Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS), which could be triggered by the vaccine. The CDC in America replicated this warning weeks later.

    As a result of the dangers of the vaccine becoming widely known, authorities are moving to get out ahead of the story by acknowledging that millions of health problems in the aftermath of a vaccination campaign will be blamed on the vaccine, citing the 1976 swine flu debacle when the shot proved far deadlier than the actual virus.

    Reuters reports that public health officials, “Expect an avalanche of so-called adverse event reports, which are reports of death, illness or other health trauma that occur within two weeks after receiving treatment — in this case, the swine flu vaccine,” in reaction to an estimated “one million heart attacks, 700,000 strokes and 900,000 miscarriages.”

    By coming out early and claiming that these problems would have occurred without the swine flu vaccine anyway, authorities are creating plausible deniability for when side-effects from the shot begin to appear.

    URL to article: http://www.infowars.com/state-says-forced-injections-quarantines-for-rapidly-spreading-germ-but-not-swine-flu/

    • saynsumthn 7:59 am on October 8, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      People forget the power the US and the states used during the legalization of Eugenics when we forcefully sterilized people. A new film, Maafa21, documents this and more genocide and the elitists behind the plan: http://www.maafa21.com

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    Boston NPR Editorial Defends Massachusetts Flu Pandemic Police State Bill 

    WBUR Boston
    September 12, 2009

    • A d v e r t i s e m e n t
    • efoods

    Richard T. Moore (D-Uxbridge), Senate Chairman of the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Health Care and the Special Senate Committee on National Health Reform, says the latest target of anti-government advocates is Senate Bill No. 2028, a pandemic and emergency preparedness plan that gives officials authority to quarantine individuals if necessary:

    This summer, vividly and loudly dominating our TV news and print media, America witnessed a raucous display of distrust of our own elected government in the health care town hall meetings. The President and Congress are seeking to expand access to affordable health insurance, and therefore health care, to all Americans. But some of our fellow citizens, skeptical of anything government does, demonized those who tried to explain the proposals before Congress and shouted down explanations rather than engage in a reasonable discussion of the problems and possible solutions.

    The anger over health reform efforts by the national government to help Americans expand their right to life, health and happiness has, apparently spilled over to Massachusetts in the form of anger at efforts under discussion in the state government to protect the rights of all citizens during a time of public health emergency. For more than a century, government has had extraordinary powers to respond to an epidemic, and it has generally exercised those powers responsibly. However, legislation aimed at modernizing and refining those powers to preserve individual liberty while protecting everyone from epidemic has been seen by some as more “big brother” government.

    Read entire article

    URL to article: http://www.infowars.com/boston-npr-editorial-defends-massachusetts-flu-pandemic-police-state-bill/

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    Massachusetts Senate Passes Draconian Flu Pandemic Bill 

    Kurt Nimmo
    September 2, 2009

    The corporate media is ignoring S. 2028, the flu pandemic bill that was unanimously passed by the Massachusetts Senate. The draconian bill was covered extensively by the alternative news sites, but not a word from the New York Times or the Washington Post.

    S. 2028 will be used as a template for legislation in other states. The bill imposes a virtual police state and martial law on Massachusetts at the behest of the governor in the event of a flu pandemic this autumn. It gives the state health commissioner, law enforcement, and medical personnel wide authority to mobilize forces, vaccinate the population, enter private property with no warrants, and even quarantine people against their will in violation of the Constitution. The bill allows the state to enter property without a search warrant and destroy the property without a court order. It would force in-state health care providers to assist in the performance of vaccination.

    Law enforcement authorities are authorized to “arrest without warrant any person whom the officer has probable cause to believe has violated an order for isolation or quarantine and shall use reasonable diligence to enforce such order. Any person who knowingly violates an order for isolation or quarantine shall be punished by imprisonment of not more than 30 days and may be subject to a civil fine of not more than $1,000 per day that the violation continues.”

    Other states are in the process of implementing legal actions in response to the H1N1 virus hyped by the government and the corporate media. Florida has distributed blank quarantine order forms, including a voluntary home quarantine agreement, a quarantine to residence order, a quarantine to residence order (non-compliance), a quarantine to facility order, quarantine detention order, quarantine of facility order, building quarantine closure order and area quarantine closure order. North Carolina released a draft isolation order that would provide for imprisonment for up to two years and pretrial detention without bail for any citizen who fails to comply with an isolation order. Washington has granted authority to local health officers to issue emergency detention orders forcing citizens to be immediately and involuntarily isolated or quarantined for up to 10 days.

    A form released by the state of Iowa for voluntary home confinement, home quarantine and home isolation recently made the rounds on the internet. “Rumors started swirling after a quarantine form was found by someone on the internet,” KIMT 3 reported. “Health leaders in Iowa are reassuring people that there are no H1N1 related quarantines being ordered.” The form calls quarantine of all individuals suspected of coming in contact with the virus.

    Bob Dwyer of MassLPA discusses S. 2028.

    S.2028 is now in Massachusetts House Ways and Means Committee. The Liberty Preservation Association of Massachusetts has vowed to kill the legislation before it can reach the House (see MassLPA video above). The organization plans to lobby lawmakers at the capital on Beacon Hill on September 9 and convince them not to vote for and pass the bill.

    URL to article: http://www.infowars.com/massachusetts-senate-passes-draconian-flu-pandemic-bill/

    • Sandaura 12:47 pm on September 7, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Massachusetts State Government needs a complete housing cleaning. They are morally bankrupt, incompetetent; not capable of hearing the needs and enforcing the laws that we entrusted elected and civil servants to do.
      We have been exposed to electric and magnetic pollution in our environment due to wireless radiation and dirty electricity that is being delievered by our Utilites.
      The State has failed to investigate according to proper protocol and has allowed the Utilities to ignore their responsibility to fixing this mess. It is criminal and abusive the manner in which we have been treated and ignored.

      Dr Robert O. Becker, M.D.
      twice nominated for Nobel Prize of this research.

      “I have no doubt in my mind that at the present time, the greatest
      polluting element in the earth’s environment is the proliferation of
      electromagnetic fields.

      I consider that to be far greater on a global scale, than warming, and
      the increase in chemical elements in the environment.”

    • Sandaura 12:48 pm on September 7, 2009 Permalink | Reply


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    Mass. Health Bill Would Allow Warrantless Arrests, Quarantines 

    Alex Newman
    New American
    September 1, 2009

    A pandemic and disaster preparation bill (S. 2028) passed unanimously by the Massachusetts Senate earlier this year is receiving wide-spread criticism as citizens mobilize to oppose its passage in the commonwealth’s House of Representatives.

    “Under this bill, Massachusetts becomes a medical police state. There is no debating it,” wrote Natural News editor Michael Adams in an August 28 article entitled “Wake Up, America: Forced vaccinations, quarantine camps, health care interrogations and mandatory ‘decontaminations,’” where he suggested America was delving into medical fascism. “The citizens of Massachusetts will have no rights, period. The Constitution is ancient history. You are now the property of the State.”

    The bill contains a number of controversial, alarming, and blatantly unconstitutional provisions. Under an emergency declared by the governor, the statute purports to give the health commissioner, and law enforcement and medical personnel  broad authority to mobilize forces, vaccinate the population, enter private property with no warrants, and even quarantine people against their will.

    The legislation provides severe penalties — $1,000 fine per day and possible jail time — for not complying with state orders, while also claiming to shield everyone involved from liability. It gives local health authorities the power “to restrict or prohibit assemblages of persons” and gives government agents the authority to “arrest without a warrant any person whom the officer has probable cause to believe has violated an order” while using “reasonable diligence to enforce such order.” Also, law-enforcement authorities “shall assist” medical personnel in the “involuntary transportation” of people to “treatment centers.”

    The provision on vaccines does give citizens the authority to refuse the vaccination, but people who do can be “isolated or quarantined.” The same fate awaits those are “unable or unwilling to submit to decontamination or procedures necessary for diagnosis.” One part of the legislation requires that owners or occupiers of a property “permit entry into and investigation of the premises,” and another section creates price controls.

    Draconian measures like this to supposedly deal with pandemics and outbreaks of disease are getting a boost with the hysteria surrounding swine flu, but critics are warning of the dangers of such tactics and fighting back. “In this time of fear, we can’t let that fear take away our freedom to make voluntary health decisions,” said Barbara Loe Fisher, the president of the National Vaccine Information Center. She offered a chilling analysis of the legislation in Massachusetts and the national situation, saying “it looks like few choices will be allowed.” But she encouraged people to find out what their rights are.

    Though it breezed past the Senate with a 36 to 0 vote, the Massachusetts bill is still languishing in the House after being referred to the committee on health care financing. “One of the reasons the bill is stalled in the house is because those house reps are being bombarded with phone calls from constituents saying, ‘I will refuse the vaccine,’” explained writer Devvy Kidd in a piece about important bills to defeat where she said the reaction to this legislation may have been blown out of proportion.

    But while opposition to the plan may be mounting, there are many in power who believe — like Obama’s chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel — that the government shouldn’t let “crises” go to “waste.” This bill has been debated in the Massachusetts legislature before, but the House and Senate could never agree on a final version. So some lawmakers are using concern over the swine flu outbreak as a tool for pushing their agenda and getting it passed this time around.

    “It’s too bad that we have to have something like that pending to get us to finally act,” said Democratic Massachusetts Senator Richard Moore in a televised interview, referring to the spread of the H1N1 virus. “This was actually on the calendar before that became a news story,” he explained, but “it does give us another reason why it’s a good idea to have this one the books.” If the House passes it, a veto by the governor will likely be the last thing that could stop it.

    Unfortunately, people hoping that the judicial branch will step in an restore some sanity may be left wanting. “Judges will not stand in the way of emergency actions taken to protect the public from a clear and present danger, and if they do, the state appeals court will over turn their rulings in a matter of hours,” explained a piece written by Louisiana State University director of the program in law, science and public health Edward Richards and Dr. Katherine Rathbun. “The history of judicial restraint on emergency powers is one of blind obedience to civil and military authority.”

    A great deal of tyrannical federal statutes dealing with health emergencies already exist, and some other states are considering vast power grabs of their own. Maine recently had its National Guard engaging in swine flu vaccine scenario drills at a school while the military draws up plans to help FEMA with the swine flu situation across the country.

    But it is past time for citizens to demand that their leaders respect the people’s medical freedom and individual rights. Massachusetts should kill this bill and other states should fight to preserve the liberty of their citizens. Government officials at all levels should finally obey their oaths to the Constitution and the bill of rights, especially in the life-and-death field of healthcare.

    URL to article: http://www.infowars.com/mass-health-bill-would-allow-warrantless-arrests-quarantines/

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    Forced vaccinations, quarantine camps, health care interrogations and mandatory “decontaminations” 

    Mike Adams
    Natural News
    August 28, 2009

    The United States of America is devolving into medical fascism and Massachusetts is leading the way with the passage of a new bill, the “Pandemic Response Bill” 2028, reportedly just passed by the MA state Senate and now awaiting approval in the House. This bill suspends virtually all Constitutional rights of Massachusetts citizens and forces anyone “suspected” of being infected to submit to interrogations, “decontaminations” and vaccines.

    It’s also sets fines up to $1,000 per day for anyone who refuses to submit to quarantines, vaccinations, decontamination efforts or to follow any other verbal order by virtually any state-licensed law enforcement or medical personnel. You can read the text yourself here: http://www.mass.gov/legis/bills/sen…

    Here’s some of the language contained in the bill:

    (Violation of 4th Amendment: Illegal search and seizure)

    During either type of declared emergency, a local public health authority… may exercise authority… to require the owner or occupier of premises to permit entry into and investigation of the premises; to close, direct, and compel the evacuation of, or to decontaminate or cause to be
    decontaminated any building or facility; to destroy any material; to restrict or prohibit assemblages of persons;

    (Violation of 14th Amendment; illegal arrest without a warrant)

    …an officer authorized to serve criminal process may arrest without a warrant any person whom the officer has probable cause to believe has violated an order given to effectuate the purposes of this subsection and shall use reasonable diligence to enforce such order. [Gunpoint]

    (Government price controls)

    The attorney general, in consultation with the office of consumer affairs and business regulation, and upon the declaration by the governor that a supply emergency exists, shall take appropriate action to ensure that no person shall sell a product or service that is at a price that unreasonably exceeds the price charged before the emergency.

    “Involuntary Transportation” (also known as kidnapping)

    Law enforcement authorities, upon order of the commissioner or his agent or at the request of a local public health authority pursuant to such order, shall assist emergency medical technicians or other appropriate medical personnel in the involuntary transportation of such person to the tuberculosis treatment center.

    $1,000 / day in fines

    Any person who knowingly violates an order, as to which noncompliance poses a serious danger to public health as determined by the commissioner or the local public health authority, shall be punished by imprisonment for not more than 30 days or a fine of not more than one thousand dollars per day that the violation continues, or both.

    Forced vaccinations

    Furthermore, when the commissioner or a local public health authority within its jurisdiction determines that either or both of the following measures are necessary to prevent a serious danger to the public health the commissioner or local public health authority may exercise the following authority: (1) to vaccinate or provide precautionary prophylaxis to individuals as protection against communicable disease…

    Forced quarantine for those who refuse (illegal imprisonment without charge)

    An individual who is unable or unwilling to submit to vaccination or treatment shall not be required to submit to such procedures but may be isolated or quarantined pursuant to section 96 of chapter 111 if his or her refusal poses a serious danger to public health or results in uncertainty whether he or she has been exposed to or is infected with a disease or condition that poses a serious danger to public health, as determined by the commissioner, or a local public health authority operating within its jurisdiction.

    Arrest for refusal to be “decontaminated”

    If an individual is unable or unwilling to submit to decontamination or procedures necessary for diagnosis, the decontamination or diagnosis procedures may proceed only pursuant to an order of the superior court… During the time necessary to obtain such court order, such individual may be isolated or quarantined pursuant to section 96 of chapter 111 if his or her refusal to submit to decontamination or diagnosis procedures poses a serious danger to public health or results in uncertainty whether he or she has been exposed to or is infected with a disease or condition that poses a serious danger to public health.


    When the commissioner or a local public health authority within its jurisdiction reasonably believes that a person may have been exposed to a disease or condition that poses a threat to the public health, in addition to their authority under section 96 of chapter 111, the commissioner or the local public health authority may detain the person for as long as may be reasonably necessary for the commissioner or the local public health authority, to convey information to the person regarding the disease or condition and to obtain contact information… If a person detained under subsection (1) refuses to provide the information requested, the person may be isolated or quarantined pursuant to section 96 of chapter 111 if his or her refusal poses a serious danger to public health…

    Forced isolation and quarantine

    • A d v e r t i s e m e n t
    • efoods

    An order for isolation or quarantine may include any individual who is unwilling or unable to undergo vaccination, precautionary prophylaxis, medical treatment, decontamination, medical examinations, tests, or specimen collection and whose refusal of one or more of these measures poses a serious danger to public health or results in uncertainty whether he or she has been exposed to or is infected with a disease or condition that poses a serious danger to public health.

    Forced entry into any home or building…

    There’s a lot more in this bill, including language that allows Mass. police to enter any home or building without a search warrant, to destroy any object or building they suspect may pose a threat to public safety, to order the closing and / or decontamination of any facility using highly toxic chemical decontamination agents, and to arrest, detain and interrogate anyone who gets in their way.

    Meanwhile, all state law enforcement and medical personnel are granted complete immunity from prosecution for their part in violating your Constitutional rights. So if they violate your right to due process, or they accidentally destroy your home, or they kill your family dog because they suspect it might be infected, you have absolutely zero recourse.

    Under this bill, Massachusetts becomes a medical police state. There is no debating it. It’s all written, clear as day, in this law: The citizens of Massachusetts will have no rights, period. The Constitution is ancient history. You are now the property of the State.

    Kiss your freedoms goodbye

    Massachusetts, it seems, has never met a vaccine it didn’t like. This is the same state that rounded up the parents of schoolchildren who hadn’t been vaccinated, then corralled them into a courtroom (with attack dogs standing guard outside) and forced vaccine injections onto all the schoolchildren under the threat of jail time for parents who resisted.

    Remember, readers, that this is all taking place in the “land of the free,” a nation that former President George Bush claimed was so envied around the world that terrorists attacked America because they “hate freedom” and wanted to destroy our way of life. But terrorists need no help attacking freedom as long as Massachusetts is in the vaccine game, because this latest form of “gunpoint medicine” destroys freedom for everyday Americans in a way that terrorists could have never hoped to accomplish with all the bombs in the world.

    Massachusetts, it seems, has done what terrorists could not: It has turned “free” Americans into medical slave subjects who no longer have any freedom to decide the details of their own medical care. All options have been stripped from them but one: The Big Pharma option. That’s the one that involves using untested, unproven and potentially dangerous vaccines that could paralyze you or even kill you. All to defend you against a virus that’s so weak, almost anyone with decent levels of vitamin D and basic nutrition can resist the virus without incident.

    But Massachusetts, as you’ll see below, is just the beginning. It turns out that the whole nation could soon find itself under a similar forced vaccination policy…

    Isolation camps, forced vaccinations and more

    In 2006, former President George Bush signed into law the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP). It gives power to the Secretary of the U.S. government’s Health and Human Services department (HHS) to declare any infectious disease a “national emergency” and therefore require mandatory vaccination of the entire population. Because of the existence of this PREP Act, the entire population of the USA is now but one pen stroke away from being subjected to mandatory swine flu vaccinations at gunpoint.

    Those who resist such vaccines will be arrested and taken away for “isolation” in domestic prison camps. They can’t just leave vaccine refusers free to live among the population, of course, because that would send the message that anyone can refuse the vaccines without consequence. So they’ll arrest those who refuse the vaccine, labeling them “a threat to national security” (enemies of the state) and imprison them without trial, without charges and without any legal representation whatsoever.

    Meanwhile, all those who take part in enforcing these crimes against the American people will be granted complete immunity. From the HHS website: “[the Secretary may] issue a declaration… that provides immunity from tort liability (except for willful misconduct) for claims of loss caused, arising out of, relating to, or resulting from administration or use of (vaccine or other pharmaceutical) countermeasures to diseases, threats and conditions determined by the Secretary to constitute a present, or credible risk of a future public health emergency…”

    There are other laws already on the books that strip Americans of virtually all Constitutional rights in a “pandemic emergency” scenario. One such act is The Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Act (S. 3678), which probably merits another article altogether.

    Have no illusions: At the stroke of a pen, the Constitutional rights of all Americans will be immediately suspended. Mandatory vaccinations and “decontaminations” will kick in and the mass arrest of resisters will begin. There will be no court, no trial, no jury and no due process. Your actions will be dictated to you by a law enforcement officer or a health care worker who has been granted complete immunity, so if you just happen to get kicked around a bit (or shot), there’s really nothing you can do about it.

    Some might argue these are necessary actions to save a nation from a deadly pandemic. And yet they forget that the pandemic has been intentionally allowed to worsen by censoring information about vitamin D and natural remedies that could stop it. Somebody at the top, in other words, wants this pandemic to get really bad, perhaps because it allows them to invoke precisely the draconian response I’ve outlined in this article. Seizing power in a Democracy cannot be accomplished by simply declaring war on the rights of the People. Rather, a situation must be engineered where the People are so desperate that they beg to be controlled. Releasing a pandemic into the wild is the perfect way to accomplish precisely that.


    None of these laws will be invoked before the vaccines are ready in large numbers, of course. Part of the purpose in all this is to prop up Big Pharma profits with massive vaccination efforts, so until the vaccines are actually available, don’t expect to see any declarations of a public emergency.

    It might take until October or November before the vaccines are readily available in sufficient quantity to inject just half the U.S. population. But once that milestone is reached, a declaration of a pandemic emergency is imminent. Trust me on this point: They won’t let all those hundreds of millions of vaccines sit around unused; they’ll make sure they get injected into the People as soon as possible, because that’s the only way to justify making more.

    So the sequence of events we’re likely to see here are:

    #1) Waiting on vaccine manufacturing to procure at least 150 million doses in the U.S. Probable timeframe = October.

    #2) Hyping up a few local swine flu breakouts in schools in order to justify step #3. Probable timeframe = November / December.

    #3) Declaring a full-blown national emergency and announcing mandatory vaccinations for everyone (to use up the vaccines that are now available). Probable timeframe = January / February / March.

    #4) If the disease continues to spread, this is when you’ll see forced entry into homes and buildings, forced “decontamination” sprayings, widespread arrests and forced quarantine of resisters, Martial Law and a complete crackdown on freedoms (especially in the inner cities). This will likely continue through the winter until Spring arrives, bringing the sunshine that will suppress the virus around the May 2010 timeframe.

    All this is written in black ink. It’s already part of the pandemic response plan. Body bags, FEMA camps and much more.

    Two years ago, this was all the domain of conspiracy theory “wingnuts.” Now it’s State law. Now it’s being openly discussed in security conferences and health care meetings. What will we do when the hospital beds are full? How will we accomplish the “involuntary transportation” of those who are infected? Are there enough zip-tie handcuffs to go around? How do we disarm and arrest citizens who refuse to be vaccinated? How do we prevent National Guard troops from becoming infected themselves?

    These are the questions circulating now at high levels, all across the world. And the answers are always the same: Abandon freedoms. Strip the People of any rights. Dictate from the top down and arrest anyone who gets in your way.

    Welcome to the Land of the Free. I hope you are prepared for what looks to be coming, because this isn’t America anymore, folks. This is Amerika, and the Constitutional rights you thought you had are about to be written right off the books.

    URL to article: http://www.infowars.com/forced-vaccinations-quarantine-camps-health-care-interrogations-and-mandatory-decontaminations/

    • STOP THE VAX 8:32 pm on August 29, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Vaccines are POISON. The only one[s] who benefit from vaccines are PHARMACEUTICALS. Lots of Vitamin D will protect you from the flu and many other diseases. DON’T be fooled by paid off media hype. STOP the sickening assault on humanity.

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