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    Prof Says People Who Distrust Government More Likely to Kill 

    Jo Ingles
    December 3, 2009

    Turn on the television these days and you might see people or groups of people who are voicing their distrust in government. An Ohio State University professor says that’s concerning. In an interview with statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles, Professor Randy Roth explains there is a corollary between homicide and people who distrust or hate government.

    Listen interview on the WKSU website.

    URL to article: http://www.infowars.com/prof-says-people-who-distrust-government-more-likely-to-kill/

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    Maryland Gov Says Taking Toxic Vaccination is “Patriotic Duty” 

    Kurt Nimmo
    September 3, 2009

    Government demands on the people never end. Once you give in to government, you may as well lay down and let them walk all over you. In fact, you may as well let them kill you.

    Democrat Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley wants to kill or make seriously ill the subjects of his state, although he may not realize it. On Wednesday, according to the Washington Post, O’Malley said it was residents’ “patriotic duty” to take the toxic and deadly fly shot. Maryland residents are to serve as guinea pigs. O’Malley says taking a worthless seasonal flu shot makes it easier for health officials to determine if outbreaks are related to H1N1.

    If residents do not get vaccinated against seasonal strains and later get sickened by them as a result, there will be little way to determine if those falling ill this fall and winter have been infected by less worrisome strains, or by the more contagious H1N1 virus, O’Malley said.

    In other words, for the efficacy of the state and the sake of bureaucrats, you will line up and get injected with triton X-100 (a detergent), polysorbate 80 (a carcinogen), formaldehyde, dangerous microorganisms, gelatin (causes allergic reactions and anaphylaxis) and the ever-present neurotoxin thimerosal, that is to say mercury. There is plenty of evidence that flu shots are linked to brain injury, autoimmune disease, and Guillain-Barré Syndrome.

    “You’ll be doing your patriotic duty to get your seasonal flu shot this year,” O’Malley said. If you’ve never received one, “by golly, this is a very good year to do it for the first time,” he said.

    It would seem O’Malley is taking his marching orders directly from the insidious vaccine cartel and Big Pharma. He is either completely ignorant of the dangerous side effects of vaccines or he is involved in the criminal plan to make seriously ill and kill untold number of Marylanders.

    Maryland’s swine-flu vaccination campaign is like a “military operation,” according to John M. Colmers, secretary of Health & Mental Hygiene. He told the Post the state is waiting for “precise directions” from the CDC before injecting pregnant women, school-age children, toddlers and others. “If it’s pregnant women, we’ll send those initial doses directly to OB/GYN and others who specialize in their care. If it’s children less than 4 years old, we’ll send them straight to pediatricians’ offices,” said Greg Reed, head of the Maryland Center for Immunization. Seasonal flu shots are not just for seniors anymore.

    • A d v e r t i s e m e n t
    • efoods

    “Vaccination of healthy adults only reduced risk of influenza by 6%, and reduced the number of missed work days by less than one day (0.16). It did not change the number of people needing to go to a hospital or take time off work,” the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews reported in 2006. In a review of 64 studies in 98 flu seasons, for elderly living in nursing homes, flu shots were non-significant for preventing the flu. For elderly living in the community, vaccines were not significantly effective against influenza or pneumonia. In a review of 51 studies involving more than 294,000 children, it was found there was “no evidence that injecting children 6 to 24 months of age with a flu shot was any more effective than a placebo. In children over the age of 2 years, it was effective only 33% of the time in preventing the flu.

    In fact, children who get the flu vaccine are more at risk for hospitalization than children who do not get the vaccine, according to the American Thoracic Society’s International Conference, held May 15-20, 2009, in San Diego.

    There is evidence flu shots actually spread influenza. “Not only does the shot manipulate the immune system, it contains foreign microorganisms that can easily replicate in the body. It is ridiculous for the CDC to say that none of these germs are contagious. There are many well-respected health experts who believe that the number of people coming down with the flu would be drastically reduced if flu shots weren’t administered. One of the best ways to avoid the flu is to stay away from people who have it. This includes staying away from those who have recently received a flu shot,” writes Greg Ciola.

    Both the CDC and the Department of Homeland Security take orders from the United Nations. The UN’s Biodiversity Assessment on Sustainable Human Population calls for a massive reduction in world population.

    Canadian doctor Ghislaine Lanctôt, author of the Medical Mafia, takes this one step further. She says the coming H1N1 shot is a biomedical weapon of mass destruction. The virus will be used in a pandemic concocted and orchestrated by the WHO, an international organization that serves military, political and industrial interests, warns Lanctôt. The virus will be used specifically as a eugenics weapon for “massive and targeted reduction of the world population.” A pandemic will also be used to further establish martial law and a police state.

    In the weeks ahead, expect more government officials to exploit the patriotism of the American people in order to line them up like complacent cattle for their toxic eugenics shots. As more and more people learn about the serious dangers of ineffective flu shots and refuse to take them, the government may resort to vaccination at gunpoint.

    Massachusetts is leading the charge. It is steamrolling a bill through the state Senate and House that will force vaccinations on state resident and allow the government to declare martial law in the event of a pandemic. The bill would allow the government to quarantine people against their will and permit the state to enter property without a search warrant and destroy the property without a court order.

    URL to article: http://www.infowars.com/maryland-gov-says-taking-toxic-vaccination-is-patriotic-duty/

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    The Move to Depopulate the Planet 

    Stephanie R. Pasco
    August 27, 2009

    It is my intention to give you clips from documents, many from the United Nations that prove there is a plan to depopulate this planet. I will also provide quotes from various people and organizations that further show this agenda is afoot. I pray the guidance of the Lord God Almighty will be with me in this pursuit to warn others of this dark plot against humanity.

    Everything written in this paper is easily verifiable. It may take some time and effort, but I took great pains to make this paper as accurate as I possibly could.

    The depopulation agenda is based on nature worship, or Gaia worship. In Genesis, God clearly told Adam and Eve, and then Noah and his family to go forth and multiply to fill the earth. Nowhere in the Bible does God rescind that clearly spoken commandment. Therefore man is attempting to supercede the command of the Lord God in heaven: The Creator! I ask you, who knows more about the state of the earth, the created, or the Creator?

    The basis for the depopulation agenda is a standard all elitist’s hold dear. This standard is called:

    The Hegelian Dialectic:

    Problem – Reaction-Solution

    Create the Problem Cause a Reaction Offer a Solution

    You will see exactly how they have created the problem; caused a reaction so widespread it is really quite impressive how successful they have been; and offered a solution: A deadly solution.

    I ask that you please make an attempt to distribute this paper everywhere you possibly can. The time grows short and so many are going to be caught unawares. By getting the word out, you may be able to prevent someone from needless pain and suffering.

    William Benton, Assistant U.S. Secretary of State at UNESCO 1946: (UNESCO is the United Nations Education, Science and Cultural Organization)

    “As long as a child breathes the poisoned air of nationalism, education in world-mindedness can produce only precarious results. As we have pointed out, it is frequently the family that infects the child with extreme nationalism. The schools therefore use the means described earlier to combat family attitudes that favor jingoism (nationalism)…we shall presently recognize in nationalism the major obstacle to development of world mindedness. We are at the beginning of a long process of breaking down the walls of national sovereignty. UNESCO must be the pioneer.” (Emphasis mine throughout)

    Club of Rome, The First Global Revolution, 1991:

    “In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill (this is absolute proof that man made global warming is a fabrication)…. But in designating them as the enemy, we fall into the trap of mistaking symptoms for causes. All these dangers are caused by human intervention and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy, then, is humanity itself.”

    Mikhail Gorbachev:

    “We must speak more clearly about sexuality, contraception, about abortion, about values that control population, because the ecological crisis, in short, is the population crisis. Cut the population by 90% and there aren’t enough people left to do a great deal of ecological damage.”

    Aldous Huxley, Brave New World 1946:

    “There is, of course, no reason why the new totalitarians should resemble the old. Government by clubs and firing squads, by artificial famine, mass imprisonment and mass deportation, is not merely inhumane (nobody cares much about that nowadays); it is demonstrably inefficient and in an age of advanced technology, inefficiency is the sin against the Holy Ghost.”

    Aldous Huxley, Lecture named Population Explosion 1959:

    “…Let us ask ourselves what the practical alternatives are as we confront this problem of population growth. One alternative is to do nothing in particular about it and just let things go on as they are…The question is: Are we going to restore the balance in the natural way, which is a brutal and entirely anti-human way, or are we going to restore it in some intelligent, rational, and humane way…Try to increase production as much as possible and at the same time try to re-establish the balance between the birth rate by means less gruesome than those which are used by nature – by intelligent and human methods?…There are colossal difficulties in the way of implementing any large-scale policy of limitation of population; whereas death control is extremely easy under modern circumstances, birth control is extremely difficult. The reason is very simple: death control – the control, for example, of infectious diseases – can be accomplished by a handful of experts and quite a small labour force of unskilled persons and requires a very small capital expenditure.”

    Barry Commoner, Making Peace with the Planet:

    “There have been ‘triage’ proposals that would condemn whole nations to death through some species of global ‘benign neglect’. There have been schemes for coercing people to curtail their fertility, by physical and legal means that are ominously left unspecified. Now we are told that we must curtail rather than extend our efforts to feed the hungry peoples of the world. Where will it end?” Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, April 28, 1997, Testimony before Congressional Committee: “There are some reports, for example, that some countries have been trying to construct something like an Ebola Virus, and that would be a very dangerous phenomenon, to say the least. Alvin Toeffler has written about this in terms of some scientists in their laboratories trying to devise certain types of pathogens that would be ethnic specific so that they could just eliminate certain ethnic groups and races; and others are designing some sort of engineering, some sort of insects that can destroy specific crops. Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves. So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations. It’s real, and that’s the reason why we have to intensify our efforts, and that’s why this is so important.”

    Jacques Cousteau UNESCO Courier 1991:

    “In order to save the planet it would be necessary to kill 350,000 people per day.”

    Jacques Cousteau, Population: Opposing Viewpoints:

    “If we want our precarious endeavor to succeed, we must convince all human beings to participate in our adventure, and we must urgently find solutions to curb the population explosion that has a direct influence on the impoverishment of the less-favoured communities. Otherwise, generalized resentment will beget hatred, and the ugliest genocide imaginable, involving billions of people, will become unavoidable.”

    “Uncontrolled population growth and poverty must not be fought from inside, from Europe, from North America, or any nation or group of nations; it must be attacked from the outside – by international agencies helped in the formidable job by competent and totally non-governmental organizations.”

    Bertrand Russell, The Impact Of Science On Society 1953

    “I do not pretend that birth control is the only way in which population can be kept from increasing… War… has hitherto been disappointing in this respect, but perhaps bacteriological war may prove more effective. If a Black Death could be spread throughout the world once in every generation survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full… The state of affairs might be somewhat unpleasant, but what of that? Really high-minded people are indifferent to happiness, especially other people’s… There are three ways of securing a society that shall be stable as regards population. The first is that of birth control, the second that of infanticide or really destructive wars, and the third that of general misery except for a powerful minority…”

    Henry Kissinger, 1978:

    “U.S. policy toward the third world should be one of depopulation”

    David Rockefeller, 2000:

    “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.”

    David Rockefeller: Memoirs 2002 Founder of the CFR:

    “We wield over American political and economical institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political structure, one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

    David Rockefeller, Co-founder of the Trilateral Commission:

    “We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine & other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promise of discretion for almost 40 years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plans for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. Thomas Ferguson, the Latin American Case Officer for the State Department’s Office of Population Affairs (OPA) (now the US State Dept. Office of Population Affairs, est. by Henry Kissinger in 1975): “There is a single theme behind all our work -we must reduce population levels,” said Thomas Ferguson, the Latin American case officer for the State Department’s Office of Population Affairs (OPA). “Either they [governments] do it our way, through nice clean methods or they will get the kind of mess that we have in El Salvador, or in Iran, or in Beirut. Population is a political problem. Once population is out of control it requires authoritarian government, even fascism, to reduce it. “The professionals,” said Ferguson, “aren’t interested in lowering population for humanitarian reasons. That sounds nice. We look at resources and environmental constraints. We look at our strategic needs, and we say that this country must lower its population -or else we will have trouble.

    “So steps are taken. El Salvador is an example where our failure to lower population by simple means has created the basis for a national security crisis. The government of El Salvador failed to use our programs to lower their population. Now they get a civil war because of it…. There will be dislocation and food shortages. They still have too many people there.” (1981)

    Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, April 28, 1997; Testimony before Congressional Committee:

    “And advanced forms of biological warfare that can target specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.”

    Sir Julian Huxley, UNESCO: its Purpose and its Philosophy:

    “Political unification in some sort of world government will be required… Even though… any radical eugenic policy will be for many years politically and psychologically impossible, it will be important for UNESCO to see that the eugenic problem is examined with the greatest care, and that the public mind is informed of the issues at stake so that much that now is unthinkable may at least become thinkable.” In the early 1950’s, former Communist Joseph Z. Kornfeder expressed the opinion that UNESCO was comparable to a Communist Party agitation and propaganda department. He stated that such a party apparatus ‘handles the strategy and method of getting at the public mind, young and old.’ Huxley would lard the agency with a motley collection of Communists and fellow travelers.

    President Richard Nixon believed abortion was necessary as a form of eugenics to prevent interracial breeding

    Theodore Roosevelt to Charles B. Davenport, January 3, 1913, Charles B. Davenport Papers, Department of Genetics, Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y.:

    “I wish very much that the wrong people could be prevented entirely from breeding; and when the evil nature of these people is sufficiently flagrant, this should be done. Criminals should be sterilized and feebleminded persons forbidden to leave offspring behind them…The emphasis should be laid on getting desirable people to breed…”

    Theodore Roosevelt:

    “Society has no business to permit degenerates to reproduce their kind…. Any group of farmers, who permitted their best stock not to breed, and let all the increase come from the worst stock, would be treated as fit inmates for an asylum…. Some day we will realize that the prime duty, the inescapable duty of the good citizens of the right type is to leave his or her blood behind him in the world; and that we have no business to permit the perpetuation of citizens of the wrong type. The great problem of civilization is to secure a relative increase of the valuable as compared with the less valuable or noxious elements in the population… The problem cannot be met unless we give full consideration to the immense influence of heredity…” “I wish very much that the wrong people could be prevented entirely from breeding; and when the evil nature of these people is sufficiently flagrant, this should be done. Criminals should be sterilized and feebleminded persons forbidden to leave offspring behind them… The emphasis should be laid on getting desirable people to breed…”

    By Carl Teichrib:

    “The Georgia Guidestones, a massive granite edifice planted in the Georgia countryside, contains a list of ten new commandments for Earth’s citizens. The first commandment, and the one which concerns this article, simply states; “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”

    Robert Walker, former chair of PepsiCo and Proctor & Gamble on water:

    Water is a gift of nature. Its delivery is not. It must be priced to insure it is used sustainably.

    Ted Turner makes the radical statement that, “A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal,”

    Margaret Sanger (founder of Planned Parenthood, funded by the Rockefellers) said in her proposed “The American Baby Code”, intended to become law:

    “The most merciful thing that a family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.”

    This is the woman (Margaret Sanger) whom Hillary Clinton publicly declared she looked up to, during the 2008 presidential debates.

    Here is a short list of some advocates of eugenics; Alexander Graham Bell, George Bernard Shaw H. G. Wells, Sidney Webb, William Beveridge, John Maynard Keynes, Margaret Sanger, Marie Stopes, Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, Emile Zola, George Bernard Shaw, John Maynard Keynes, John Harvey Kellogg, Winston Churchill, Linus Pauling, Sidney Webb, Sir Francis Galton, Charles B. Davenport Futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard (who wanted to create a Dept. of Peace):

    “Out of the full spectrum of human personality, one-fourth is electing to transcend…One-fourth is ready to so choose, given the example of one other…One-fourth is resistant to election. They are unattracted by life ever evolving. One-fourth is destructive. They are born angry with God…They are defective seeds…There have always been defective seeds. In the past they were permitted to die a ‘natural death’…we, the elders, have been patiently waiting until the very last moment before the quantum transformation, to take action to cut out this corrupted and corrupting element in the body of humanity. It is like watching a cancer grow…Now, as we approach the quantum shift from creature-human to co-creative human—the human who is an inheritor of god-like powers—the destructive one-fourth must be eliminated from the social body. We have no choice, dearly beloveds. Fortunately you, dearly beloveds, are not responsible for this act. We are. We are in charge of God’s selection process for planet Earth. He selects, we destroy. We are the riders of the pale horse, Death. We come to bring death to those who are unable to know God…the riders of the pale horse are about to pass among you. Grim reapers, they will separate the wheat from the chaff. This is the most painful period in the history of humanity…”

    Alexander Haig is quoted referring to the US State Department Office of Population Affairs, which was established by Henry Kissinger in 1975. The title has since been changed to The Bureau of Oceans, International Environmental and Scientific Affairs:

    “Accordingly, the Bureau of Oceans, International Environmental and Scientific Affairs has consistently blocked industrialization policies in the Third World, denying developing nation’s access to nuclear energy technology–the policies that would enable countries to sustain a growing population. According to State Department sources, and Ferguson himself, Alexander Haig is a “firm believer” in population control.

    Although the above stated quotes should be sufficient to prove that the elitists in power have definite intent to depopulate this planet to what they deem to be a sustainable level. Some will argue these are only opinions and are of no real consequence. I will now move on to providing bits of documentation showing this is a plan that has a worldwide scope of influence.

    Most of these documents are at least 10 years old, some older. That however, does not take away from the seriousness of the content. Do not think them invalid due to their age. It takes time to foment plans on such a grand scale. But, if you are honest with yourself you can see glimpses of these things happening today.

    I am going to cover some issues stemming from the UN Treaty on Biological Diversity (Agenda 21), which Bill Clinton signed into law in 1993 before it was sent to the U.S. Senate for ratification.

    EPA Internal Working Document Ecosystem Management:

    “The executive branch should direct federal agencies to evaluate national policies…. in light of international policies and obligations, and to amend national policies to achieve international objectives.”

    “In other words, our federal bureaucrats are writing U.S. law, independent of Congress who has Constitutional authority to do that. They are changing regulations and creating laws out of thin air.”

    “They are no longer working for the people of the United States. They are working for the international community. There are so many treaties written up that they have (effectively) bound the United States. Whereas a few of the treaties were not a problem, the abundance (100’s) of them have now taken control over all of our lives” -Michael Coffman

    UN Treaty on Biological Diversity Assessment on Desirable Culture:

    “…Traditional societies have considered certain sites as sacred, where most human activities are prohibited.”

    That is the heart of the Convention on Biodiversity. Locking up nearly 50% of the land area of the United States is their idea of protecting biological diversity. -Michael Coffman

    UN Treaty on Biodiversity Diversity Usage of Fertilizers Not Sustainable:

    “That fertilizers have played an essential part in producing the world’s harvests is undisputed. (It) is estimated that if the use of fertilizers ceased, the world’s harvests would be cut almost in half. However, the negative side of the equation is that the nitrates from fertilizers seep into ground water aquifers and they are seriously implicated in the eutrophication of lakes, rivers and coastal ecosystems causing often drastic changes in the fauna and flora.”

    “They are willing to take a course of action that will reduce the world’s food supply by half, or more, as they will likely reduce the use of pesticides knowing full well how many people this will kill”. -Michael Coffman

    UN Biodiversity Assessment on Sustainable Human Population; US Senate September 9, 1994:

    “A reasonable estimate for an industrialized world society at the present North American material standard of living would be one billion people. This must be implemented within 30-50 years, 2/3’s of the population must be cut.”

    “The UN says property rights are not absolute and unchanging, but are there for the convenience of whatever government wants to do.” – Michael Coffman

    “Nobody owns biodiversity, so everything we do impinges on biodiversity. Property rights become meaningless. At the Rio De Janeiro Summit it was decided that the Global Environmental Facility would be the depository of all property rights.” – Michael Coffman

    UN Biodiversity Assessment The Worldview of Western Civilization Section 12.2.3, Page 835:

    The western “worldview is characteristic of large-scale societies, heavily dependent on resources brought from considerable distances. It is a worldview that is characterized by the denial of sacred attributes of nature… (which) became firmly established about 2000 years (ago) with the Judeo-Christian-Islamic religious traditions.”

    This same treaty considers rocks to be living beings on an equal plane with human beings. Rocks, many believe, will reincarnate into lower life forms; and gradually into human beings.

    Bureau of Land Management Internal Working Document

    Human Dimensions of Ecosystem Management Objective/Purpose: “All ecosystem management activities should consider human beings as biological resources…” (Reminiscent of Soylent Green)

    This document was brought before Congress. This statement created such an uproar that it was removed. Regardless of its removal, it still serves to prove the mindset of these people; and just because this was removed from a document it does not mean it was removed from the thoughts and the intended goals of those who penned it; or who believe it.

    “For the elite to be able to have management of the ecosystem, humans would have no more value than a rock.” – Michael Coffman

    UN Biodiversity Treaty UN Global Biological Assessment Sustainable Human Populations:

    “Population growth has exceeded the capacity of the biosphere” (i.e. the earth) “It is estimated that an ‘agricultural world’ in which most human beings are peasants should be able to support 5 to 7 billion people.”

    Now I feel is an appropriate time to cover some other areas of government, as well as private organizations that would like to see the population of the world decrease at an astounding rate (up to 90%). This is a dark, bloody agenda that will cause terrible hardship and pain upon millions of people.

    World Wildlife Fund, World Resources Institute International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN):

    The IUCN involves the EPA, US Fish & Wildlife Service, the National Park Service, the United States Forest Service, Sierra Club, the Nature Conservancy, the National Wildlife Fund, the National Audubon Society, National Resources Defense Council, UNESCO, the Environmental Defense Fund, the U.N. Environmental Program, etc. .

    IUCN 1992

    Covenant On the Environment and Development: “Eventually a wilderness network would dominate a region and thus would itself constitute the matrix, with human habitations being the islands. The remaining half of the US would be used as buffer zones.”

    “The night before this treaty was ratified, Senator Mitchell withdrew it from the calendar and it was never voted on. It took four men, devoted to God in prayer to stop this treaty. The treaty still waits in the wings. Upon ratification, the US will have no ability to protect its own citizens.” -Michael Coffman

    Henry Kissinger had a similar plan to use food as a weapon in 1974, found in the National Security Study Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests; which was adopted as official policy by then President Gerald Ford in November of 1975. This Memorandum outlined a covert plan to reduce population growth in lesser-developed countries by means of birth control, and implicitly, war and famine. Brent Scowcroft, who had by then replaced Kissinger as National Security Advisor, (the same post Scowcroft held in the Bush Administration), was put in charge of implementing the plan. CIA Director George H.W. Bush was ordered to assist Scowcroft, as were the Secretaries of State, Treasury, Defense and Agriculture.

    This document has never been renounced, only certain portions have been amended, leaving it as the foundational document on population control issued in the U.S. Government.

    The major players in the founding of this document are as follows:

    Henry Kissinger Richard Nixon Margaret Sanger Paul Ehrlich Werner Fornos Timothy Wirth The United Nations Population Fund The United States Agency for International Development Planned Parenthood Federation of America International Planned Parenthood Federation The Club of Rome UNICEF WHO United Nations World Bank

    The document can be read here in its entirety, along with the other organizations and individuals complicit in this abomination:


    Let it be noted that Adolph Hitler also used food as weapon, stating that food is “a beautiful instrument…for maneuvering and disciplining the masses.” Food has been used as a weapon of war for centuries. Why then would it be outrageous for the elite to use food as a weapon, both a physical and a psychological weapon, in a declared war on overpopulation? It would not be outrageous at all. As has been said time and time again, history repeats itself.

    Now we will cover the Earth Charter.

    The Earth Charter; A Radical Global Religion, created by Mikhail Gorbachev and Michael Strong: “The Earth Charter initiative reflects the conviction that a radical change in humanity’s attitudes and values is essential to achieve social, economic and ecological well-being in the 21st century… The commission…plans to circulate a final version of the Charter as a People’s Treaty beginning in mid-1998. The Charter will be submitted to the U.N. General Assembly in the year 2000…(where it will) ensure a very strong document that reflects the emerging new global ethics.” This is unprecedented (it is) the first component of an authentic global governance. We are working for dialogue and peace. We are demonstrating our ability to assert control over our fate in a spirit of solidarity to organize our collective sovereignty over this planet, our common heritage.”

    The American people were not allowed to see this. Americans as a whole do not want the UN to be the head of a world government. The one thing the majority of this country values, above most everything else, is their freedom. Or the semblance of freedom we have left should I say.

    At the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, the Presidential Council on Sustainable Development in 1996 came to the conclusion that the world’s human population should not exceed 500 million people. That is a 93% reduction in population!

    According to the UN video, “Armed to the Teeth”; and also in the Freedom From War Policy -put into effect by JFK in 1961-general and complete disarmament and US military power was given over, in full, to the UN. This is a loss of the sovereignty of America. (Read this document at http://www.scribd.com/doc/5009662/Freedom From-War).

    The Earth Charter (1992), A Spiritual Vision: “A consensus has developed that the Earth Charter should be…the articulation of a spiritual vision that reflects universal spiritual values, including, but not limited to, ethical values …a people’s charter that serves as a universal code of conduct for ordinary citizens, educators, business executives, scientists, religious leaders, non-governmental organizers and national councils of sustainable development; and a declaration of principles that can serve as a “soft tax” document when endorsed by the UN General Assembly. ”

    In its original form, The Earth Charter failed miserably due to open, blatant pantheistic approach. Gorbachev and Strong have worked diligently to change the language and make it appear less obvious. You may be wondering what the Earth Charter has to do with depopulation. It has everything to do with it. Here is a very brief synopsis of what the Charter holds for us.

    According to the Charter, we must:

    • “Recognize that all beings are interdependent and every form of life has value…” (Unborn children, of course, are not included in the UN’s definition of “every form of life.” The Earth Summit II documents continue to support the UN’s pro-abortion policies.)
    • “Affirm faith in the inherent dignity of all human beings.” (UN agencies, however, support policies of euthanasia for those determined not capable of living a “quality” life.)
    • “Adopt at all levels sustainable development plans and regulations….” (This is a prescription for global socialism in a super-regulated global state.)
    • “Prevent pollution of any part of the environment…” (Enforcing this dictum would mean stopping virtually all human activity.)
    • “Internalize the full environmental and social costs of goods and services in the selling price.” (This seemingly harmless sentence would empower the state to price, tax, and regulate all production and consumption.)
    • “Ensure universal access to health care that fosters reproductive health and responsible reproduction. (This is a thinly disguised call for that includes abortion and population control.)
    • “Eliminate discrimination in all its forms, such as that based on race … [and] sexual orientation.” (This provision is clearly aimed at criminalizing those who refuse to accept homosexuality as positive and good.)
    • “Promote the equitable distribution of wealth within nations and among nations. (See;

    http://www.thefreelibrary.com/The+new+world+religion%3a+presented+to+the+world+as+a+mystical… a091968392 for the full article)

    The Earth Charter has not been ratified. Do not make the mistake of assuming it has not been interwoven into our society, however! It is being taught in our schools and promoted shamelessly by Hollywood, the UN, NBC (owned by GE), ABC, CBS, CNN, HLN & all the Fox owned stations, with the exception of Fox News in order to keep the supporters blinded to the machinations of Rupert Murdock. Do not be deceived!

    The ability to freely procreate is soon to be removed from us, much as it has been in China for many years. Not only will we not be allowed to have children, anyone who is termed a “useless eater” (A term coined by Henry Kissinger) will be euthanized: Mercilessly culled.

    In Sweden , the “Sterilization Act of 1934″ provided for the voluntary sterilization of some mental patients. The law was passed while the Swedish Social Democratic Party was in power, though it was also supported by all other political parties in Parliament at the time, as well as the Lutheran Church and much of the medical profession. -Wikipedia

    America is scheduled to become compliant to Codex Alimentarius (CA) as of December 31, 2009.

    Codex Alimentarius is going to regulate virtually anything that you put into your mouth that is not a pharmaceutical. The World Trade Organization (WTO) has accepted Codex Alimentarius and any nation that is a member of the WTO must become compliant with CA. In any dispute between 2 countries, the one that is Codex compliant automatically wins. This is quite an incentive for all nations to become compliant. – Rima Laibow

    CA guidelines set for vitamins & minerals are said to be voluntary, however, they are scheduled to become mandatory on December 31, 2009. In 1994, Codex Alimentarius declared nutrients to be poisons: See the Dietary Supplement Health Education Act (DSHEA). Yet fluoride is acceptable! Why? It creates complacency. Proper nutrients will ensure a longer, healthier life. Not at all in keeping with a depopulation agenda.

    From Esoteric Agenda, a documentary by Ben Stewart:

    “In 1962 it was decreed that there would be a move toward total global implementation of Codex Alimentarius. The date set for implementation is December 31, 2009. WHO and FAO are the commissions in charge of CA. They fund it and run it at the request of the U.N.

    According to WHO & FAO, epidemiological projections, it is estimated that according to the vitamin and mineral guideline alone; when CA goes into global implementation on December 31, 2009, it will result in a minimum of 3 billion deaths; 1 billion due through starvation. The next 2 billion will die from preventable diseases due to malnutrition.”

    “The U.N. has put out dozens of reports calling for an 80% reduction in population (most put the number at 90%). At the 1997 Women’s World Conference in Beijing, the head of the U.N. Food Program said, “We will use food as a weapon against the people.””

    In conjunction with Codex Alimentarius, food will be limited and water consumption will be decreased to 10 gallons per day, per person. The average American uses 140 gallons of water every day. The food provided will be Genetically Modified and nutrient deficient.

    As of the Codex Alimentarius (CA) implementation date of 12/31/09, if there were a famine anywhere in the world, it will be illegal to send any high nutrient density biscuits. Or to distribute them!!

    Once a country becomes CA compliant, CA can never be repealed. Membership with the WTO robs the member nations of any and all sovereignty. Germany is now CA compliant.

    Codex Alimentarius goes hand in hand with Agenda 21 and the Kyoto Treaty. The deadline to implement both Agenda 21 and the Kyoto Treaty is 2012.” (Rima Laibow)

    Agenda 21 was birthed out of the Rio Summit 1992. Agenda 21 (A 21), a.k.a. Smart Growth, Regionalism, Visioning Processes, Action Plans, Shared Values; 20/20, Best Practices; Community Festivals & Public/Private Partnerships. These are the names you will hear A 21 called, the buzzwords.

    Every county must set up a council to oversee the implementation of A 21. A 21 is Sustainable Development. Steven Rockefeller set up the Earth Charter, referenced above. The Earth Charter is the new One World Religion: Earth worship. The earth is considered to be ‘sacred’, and its protection is a ‘sacred trust’. Global responsibility will demand basic changes in values, behaviors and attitudes of government, the private sector, and civil society.

    Under Sustainable Development man is considered to be responsible for the pollution of the planet and is subordinate to all other living creatures. This is a direct contradiction to the Bible where God placed man in a position of dominance over the entire earth. The elite will worship and serve the creature, rather than the Creator.

    “The environmental agenda is a spiritual agenda with earth worship at its root. As such, the following practices are all considered to be unsustainable: Fossil fuels, artificial fertilizers, modern systems of agricultural production, irrigation water, herbicides, pesticides, farmland, pastures, grazing of livestock, consumerism, dietary habits, salt, sugar, private property, paved roads, dams, reservoirs, logging activities, fencing of pastures”. – Joan Peros

    Every environmental resource must be measured. What can be measured can be managed under the Millenium Ecosystem Assessment Project.” – Joan Peros

    Among the things considered to be unsustainable, as listed above, these are included: Monotheism and the family unit. The health care plan of President Obama is under A 21. Under this health care plan, the family unit is very much being attacked. Anyone over age 65 must undergo ‘end of life counseling’ by their doctor every 5 years. Abortion will be pushed that much harder, especially with the Science Czar wanting sterilants put into our water supply! One of the new appointee’s to the Obama Administration once said in a book he co-wrote that a child could be killed up to the age of 2 years old! What kind of a monster could think that is acceptable?

    Nearly the exact language used to define Sustainable Development was taken from the 1977 Soviet Constitution!

    The Family Dependency Ratio, under the United Nations, will look at every household. They will gauge what that household has produced in accordance with what it has used (i.e., resources) by the water bills, energy bills, etc. Are you using more than you are producing? Are you adding to the collective, or merely taking away? This is how the powers that be will determine whether you are a productive citizen, or, in the words of Henry Kissinger, “A useless eater”.

    In 1990, Prince Charles formed The Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum to bring together 50-60 of the world’s topmost multi-national/transnational corporations to start buying up governments around the world. This is Public/Private Partnerships: This is the very definition of fascism.

    I must stop here. At the rate things are now moving, I could add to this daily. But, December 31 is not so far away now, only 4 months. I must get this out now. Time is short.

    If you find this to be worthy, please, spread it everywhere you can. Email it, blog it, post it on forums; mail it. Do what you must. People are asleep. They must be woken up. Forced immunizations are right around the corner. These things will come to pass. It is our job to warn people. Please, I ask you, warn them.

    URL to article: http://www.infowars.com/the-move-to-depopulate-the-planet/

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    Tags: , bad guys, bombing, , Greg Grant, kill, , Taliban fighters   

    Drones Hardly Ever Kill Bad Guys 

    Greg Grant
    DoD Buzz
    July 12, 2009

    The foreign policy community’s favorite counterinsurgency adviser, or at least their favorite Australian one, David Kilcullen, told lawmakers last week that the drone strikes targeting Al Qaeda and Taliban fighters in Pakistan are creating enemies at a far faster rate than its killing them. According to statistics he provided, the success rate of the drone bombing campaign is extremely low: just 2 percent of bombs dropped have hit targeted militants. The other 98 percent? Those killed noncombatant Pakistani civilians, he said.

    • A d v e r t i s e m e n t
    • efoods

    Since the drone strikes began in earnest in 2006, the U.S. has killed 14 mid-level Al Qaeda and Taliban leaders. In the same time frame, the strikes have killed 700 Pakistani civilians, Kilcullen said May 7, speaking before the House Armed Services Committee, Subcommittee on Terrorism and Unconventional Threats. The strikes themselves are not particularly unpopular in the tribal areas, the FATA, that border Afghanistan, as many of the people there are weary of the militants operating in their midst. Where the strikes are extremely unpopular, he said, is in the more populated areas of Punjab and Sind, areas where there has been a big jump in militancy since the bombing campaign began.

    “Right now our biggest problem is not the [extremist] networks in the FATA, but the fact that Pakistan may collapse if this political instability continues.” The U.S. should stop the bombing campaign against the Pakistani Taliban and instead return to a narrower target set aimed only at Al Qaeda operatives, Kilcullen said, as the bombing campaign has simply become too counterproductive. The Taliban run a very effective “information operations” that broadcasts the death toll from U.S. strikes to feed a rising tide of popular anger against the U.S. and western involvement in Pakistan, he said.

    The issue of civilian casualties caused by U.S. bombing is not simply a humanitarian matter, but is a major factor influencing the political and ideological battles being waged in both Pakistan and Afghanistan, says CSIS’s Anthony Cordesman in an email. “Civilian casualty estimates have effectively become an extension of war by other means,” he says. “Tactics that physically defeat elements of the enemy and lose the population lose the war.”

    Cordesman says the U.S. can’t bomb its way to victory in Pakistan. The U.S. is also too unpopular to put significant numbers of troops there. He says Pakistan will either succeed or fail against the Taliban based on whether it can adopt some version of the “clear, hold and build” counterinsurgency strategy the U.S. applied in Iraq, and is trying to apply in Afghanistan, versus “having the Pakistani Army smash its way into Swat and leave, which has been the high point of Pakistani warfighting to date.”

    URL to article: http://www.infowars.com/drones-hardly-ever-kill-bad-guys/

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    Tags: 140, , , , chinese troops, Chris Buckley, , kill, , , Xinjiang,   

    Chinese Troops Kill 140 in Xinjiang 

    Chris Buckley
    July 6, 2009

    At least 140 people have been killed in rioting in China’s northwestern Xinjiang region, with the government blaming exiled separatists for the traditionally Muslim area’s worst case of unrest in years.

    Hundreds of people have been arrested, the official Xinhua news agency said, after protestors from the Uighur minority took to the streets of the regional capital on Sunday, burning and smashing vehicles and shops, and clashing with anti-riot police.

    “In terms of China’s domestic economy, it is in a remote place and it does not have a big impact on things generally unless there is some evidence, of which there is none, that the government is in some meaningful way losing control,” said Arthur Kroeber, Managing Director of Dragonomics, a research and advisory firm in Beijing.

    URL to article: http://www.infowars.com/chinese-troops-kill-140-in-xinjiang/

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    Tags: , guard, , kill, , militia insurgents, , , ,   

    Missouri National Guard Train to Kill “Militia Insurgents” in Exercise 

    Kurt Nimmo
    July 3, 2009

    The Missouri National Guard is training to engage in combat with “militia” groups, according to the News Tribune.

    “During the battalion’s annual training exercise, eight members of the Jefferson City-based unit, acting as a fictitious militant group, attempted to disrupt the battalion’s operations through attacks and harassment. The battalion’s other two units, the Kansas City-based 205th Area Support Medical Company, and the Springfieldbased 206th Area Support Medical Company, fended off the attacks while performing their medical duties,” the newspaper reported on June 30.

    featured stories   Missouri National Guard Train to Kill Militia Insurgents in Exercise
    national guard featured stories   Missouri National Guard Train to Kill Militia Insurgents in Exercise
    National Guard training in Missouri and South Dakota prepares soldiers to confront and kill “insurgent” Americans.

    The article was written by Silas Allen, a journalist with the Pentagon. In 2006, the Pentagon officially announced it would declare psychological warfare on the American people by planting propaganda in the corporate media and the Allen article is a less than covert part of this process.

    An earlier article written by Silas Allen, also posted on the News Tribune website, details a Missouri National Guard unit practicing basic convoy operations during a training exercise in the Black Hills of South Dakota on June 14. During the exercise, an “insurgent group” with “a reputation for harassing convoys with ambushes and improvised explosive devices,” attacks the Guard convoy. “The unit was also told to look out for civilians trying to approach the convoy on the battlefield. The civilians could be working with the insurgent group or could simply have a legitimate complaint,” Allen writes.

    The two exercises serve as prime examples of an orchestrated attempt by the government to train soldiers to militarily confront domestic “militia” groups.

    In April, a leaked DHS report on “rightwing extremism” said “right-wing militias” will recruit veterans returning from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. “DHS/I&A assesses that rightwing extremists will attempt to recruit and radicalize returning veterans in order to exploit their skills and knowledge derived from military training and combat,” the report claims. “These skills and knowledge have the potential to boost the capabilities of extremists — including lone wolves or small terrorist cells — to carry out violence.”

    The corporate media hyped the supposed threat posed by “lone wolves” after white supremacist and probable government operative James von Brunn allegedly attacked the Holocaust museum in Washington. “The lone wolf is what concerns the Washington field office, what concerns the FBI the most,” John Perren, head of the counterterrorism branch at the FBI’s Washington field office, told the Associated Press.

    After Von Brunn’s brutal attack, the corporate media shill and government disinfo operative Glenn Beck attempted to link 9/11 truth activists to the deranged accused killer. The corporate media has attempted to link truth activists and patriots to the Von Brunn incident and an earlier one in Pittsburgh.

    A report produced by the Missouri State Police, entitled “The Modern Militia Movement,” specifically characterizes constitutionalists and Ron Paul supporters as domestic terrorists. “Red flags outlined in the document include political bumper stickers such as those for U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, talk of conspiracy theories such as the plan for a mega-highway from Canada to Mexico and possession of subversive literature,” the Missouri Information Analysis Center report states.

    • A d v e r t i s e m e n t
    • efoods

    In April, the Maryland National Guard was put on alert in anticipation of Tea Party protests, thus revealing that the government considers constitutional activists to be “insurgents” and “militants.”

    In March, the United States Army Reserve Command published a Force Protection Advisory recommending “situational awareness” and “mitigation measures” in response to End the Fed protests. On November 22, 2008, Alex Jones led a rally at the Federal Reserve Bank in Dallas Texas. The Dallas protest is specifically mentioned in the official Army document. Ron Paul’s brother was also in attendance. The event was monitored by the Pentagon.

    Defense Secretary Robert Gates has recommended merging the National Guard into the “Total Force” of the U.S. military. “The recommendations that are so disturbing are those involving the assimilation the National Guard and Reserves into the regular US military, under control and management of the DoD,” writes Carolyn Harris.

    The DoD currently trains its employees to regard protest as a form of domestic terrorism. “It has come to our attention that the Department of Defense’s Annual Level I Antiterrorism (AT) Training for 2009 misinforms Department of Defense (DoD) personnel that certain First Amendment-protected activity may amount to ‘low level terrorism,’” complained the ACLU last month.

    The federalized National Guard has increasingly engaged in training exercises and drills designed to confront the American people. The exercises in Missouri and South Dakota reveal how the government is brainwashing troops to consider constitutionalists and patriots as “insurgents” who will attack military checkpoints and convoys.

    In February, the National Guard conducted an “urban military” training mission in Arcadia, California. The Guard conducted a reconnaissance operation in the small town “to identify possible locations of the weapons dealer,” according to the Times Herald. The DHS, MIAC, the Virginia Fusion Center and others have characterized Second Amendment supporters and activists as potential terrorists.

    National Guard troops in Ohio, New York, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Kentucky have deployed to conduct exercises against the American people, including taking over schools and jails and assuming police functions illegal under the Posse Comitatus Act. National Guard troops were used to control the public during the Boston Marathon, the Kentucky Derby, and during New Year celebrations in Times Square last year.

    If you’d like to contact the Missouri National Guard about these training exercises aimed at patriots, constitutionalists, and supporters of the Second Amendment and the Constitution, call 1-800-GoGuard.

    URL to article: http://www.infowars.com/missouri-national-guard-train-to-kill-militia-insurgents-in-exercise/

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    Obama’s Elite Agenda: Black Abortion for Profit 

    Richard Evans
    Henry Makow
    June 5, 2009

    In a 1934 letter, Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, wrote to her financial sponsor, Clarence Gamble (the Proctor & Gamble heir) :

    “We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”


    Speaking before Rockefeller sponsored Planned Parenthood’s ‘Action fund’ banquet  July 17th 2007, candidate Barack Obama made his public announcement that his ‘first act as President’ would be signing FOCA (”Freedom of Choice Act”) It was.

    The “Freedom of Choice” act amounts to de-regulation of the abortion industry and provides free federally funded abortions on demand. Obama is that ‘colored minister with social-service background and engaging personality’ Sanger envisioned.

    Planned Parenthood’s slogan last year — “why should I be punished with a baby?”– was featured in television commercial campaigns.

    Obama mouthed this very slogan at a campaign speech in Johnstown PA:”I have two daughters.  If they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby”.



    PLANNED PARENTHOOD operates the largest chain of abortion clinics in the US. It has more than 850 “Health Centers” (abortion centers), 80% are in minority neighborhoods. The organization performed 22 percent of all abortions in 2005 (260,000 out of 1.2 million abortions.)

    According to a Fox TV story, “Blacks do, indeed, have much higher rates of abortions than whites or other minority groups. In 2000, while blacks made up 17 percent of live births, they made up more than twice that share of abortions (36 percent). If those aborted children had been born, the number of blacks born would have been slightly over 50 percent greater than it was.

    The comparison with whites and other minorities is striking. Whites made up 78 percent of live births, but only 57 percent of abortions. Non-black minorities had 7 percent of live births and 5 percent of abortions. Data from 1973 on indicate that black women’s share of abortions has consistently been at least twice their share of live births.”

    • A d v e r t i s e m e n t
    • efoods

    According to “Klan Parenthood,” A black baby is three times more likely to be murdered in the womb than a white baby. Since 1973, abortion has reduced the black population by over 25 percent. Twice as many African-Americans have died from abortion than have died from AIDS, accidents, violent crimes, cancer, and heart disease combined. Every three days, more African-Americans are killed by abortion than have been killed by the Ku Klux Klan in its entire history. About 13 percent of American women are black, but they submit to over 35 percent of the abortions.”


    Bernard Nathanson, M.D., co-founder of pro-abortion “National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws” recalled creating the slogans for ‘pro-choice’ public relations with Betty Friedan back in 1968.  Such slogans included, “Women must have control over their own bodies.” and “Freedom of choice — a basic American right.”

    I remember laughing when we made those slogans up. We were looking for some sexy, catchy slogans to capture public opinion. They were very cynical slogans then, just as all of these slogans today are very, very cynical.”

    It was a racket. Promote the breakdown of marriage while simultaneously promoting promiscuous sex behavior, with abortion as handy backup birth control.  The only thing better would be if the federal government covered the abortion cost for impoverished teens — the very demographic targeted by Sanger’s eugenics agenda.

    Nathanson andother former abortionists and clinic personnel have come clean after  becoming revulsed by the rampant profiteering of abortion providers.  Nathanson says all abortion doctors and staff are well aware they’re in the business of terminating live human beings. After performing thousands of procedures, literally butchering the unborn, all rationalizations break down.

    Thousands of young women die annually from botched legal abortions performed at a rate of 120 procedures per urban clinic per day, 8 am to midnight shifts, seven days a week. Nathanson himself estimates he’s performed 75,000 abortions during his career as an abortionist.  The average cost to the patient for an abortion is around $480.00.

    Doctors and staff who do the dirty work are expendable and replaceable.  Abortion clinics now are operated as large franchises with profits going to their boards and shareholders.  Only so much profit can be had from the abortion market alone, which with Obama’s signing of FOCA will reach saturation shortly.  Tax payer funded abortion will increase the numbers to the maximum, but the corporate owners and investors of this industry want more profit.

    Human baby corpses — stem cells and tissue — are worth money. What’s left of the ban on wholesale harvesting of aborted human cell tissue has cost investors billions of dollars a year.

    Margaret Sanger and Heinrich Himmler probably never dreamed that exterminating ‘undesirables’ could be so profitable.  Sanger merely wanted to rid American society of ‘weeds’. Himmler dreamed of his Aryan supermen perpetuating the thousand year Fourth Reich.

    The Negro Project: Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger’s eugenics plan for black Americans

    Abortion and Black Genocide (Barack Obama and the Negro Project)

    Obama’s Tax-Funded Abortions Project

    Obama Abortion Agenda – (see the step-by-step plan in full)

    Pro-Choice co-founder rips abortion industry

    Pro-Abortion Lawmakers Propose “FOCA” to Invalidate All Limits on Abortion

    Read FOCA http://www.usccb.org/prolife/issues/FOCA/FOCA_FactSheet08.pdfhttp://www.usccb.org/prolife/issues/FOCA/FOCA_FactSheet08.pdf

    URL to article: http://www.infowars.com/obamas-elite-agenda-black-abortion-for-profit/

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    Tags: , , Chavez, , El Salvador, , Jeremy McDermott, kill, , , plot, , , Venezuelan president   

    Chavez says CIA plotted to kill him 

    Jeremy McDermott
    June 4, 2009

    The Venezuelan president said on state television that he had eluded an assassination attempt in El Salvador where he was due to attend the swearing in of its new leader, a Left-wing ally.

    • A d v e r t i s e m e n t
    • efoods

    “I am not accusing Obama. I think the American president has good intentions,” Mr Chavez said. “But over and above Obama, there is the CIA, and all of its tentacles. I have no doubt US intelligence services are behind this.”

    The plot was revealed by Mr Chavez’s friend and ally, the Sandinista revolutionary President Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua.

    El Salvador’s security minister, Manuel Melgar, said that were “strange movements” and that the visit of the Venezuelan president could not be given “full security”.

    According to Mr Chavez, the Cuban plane that he and President Evo Morales of Bolivia were to travel on was going to be shot down by a rocket as it approached San Salvador airport.

    Read entire article

    URL to article: http://www.infowars.com/chavez-says-cia-plotted-to-kill-him/

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    Cheney: Death only option for some detainees if Gitmo closed 

    Jon Ward
    The Washington Times
    June 3, 2009

    Former Vice President Dick Cheney said Monday that the only alternative to holding some suspected terrorists indefinitely would be to execute them, arguing against the Obama administration’s plans to close the Guantanamo detainee prison.

    • A d v e r t i s e m e n t
    • efoods

    “If you’re going to be engaged in a world conflict such as we are, such as the global war on terrorism, if you don’t have a place where you can hold these people, your only other option is to kill them,” Mr. Cheney said.

    “And we don’t operate that way.”

    The former vice president’s statements only raise the stakes in fierce debate with his critics, who believe Mr. Cheney presided over the formulation of interrogation techniques that they regard as torture and remains unapologetic for approving waterboarding and other harsh methods used.

    Read entire article

    URL to article: http://www.infowars.com/cheney-death-only-option-for-some-detainees-if-gitmo-closed/

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    Tags: , , , Col. Peters, Col. Raph Peters, , Gitmo Detainees, , kill, , , , Raph Peters, ,   

    Col. Peters: Kill Gitmo Detainees 

    Kurt Nimmo
    June 1, 2009

    In the video here, Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks radio show on Sirius claims he does not know who Col. Ralph Peters is, but tells us he has to run a clip from Fox News because Peters calls for murdering detainees held at Gitmo. It’s fodder for Uygur’s liberal mill, an example of how crazy those right-wingers are.

    Ralph Peters is a neocon, not a right-winger (a rather ambiguous term to say the least, usually employed as a pejorative). Peters was in military intelligence and he not only appears on Fox News but PBS and CNN as well (there really is no difference between these corporate propaganda networks).

    In 2006, he called for redrawing borders in the Middle East and earlier this year said Afghanistan is a waste of time and the U.S. should go “punitive” on the natives. Last month he advocated killing “partisan” journalists. Peters is a neocon’s neocon — to say nothing of a psychopath — and has no reluctance in speaking his mind when it comes to mass murder and engaging in crimes against humanity.

    In a segment with Fox’s Neil Cavuto, Peters says the “terrorists” now at Gitmo should have been slaughtered in the field. “Just like in the movies,” says Peters, “monsters deserve to die.”

    Cavuto reminds Peters that some of the detainees might be innocent, but Peters will have nothing of it. Sure, he says, there will be “miscarriages of justice” but we shouldn’t let that get in the way of killing Muslims. “We are better off killing known terrorists on the spot,” he argues. A “dead terrorist poses a lot less legal problems down the road.” In other words, kill ‘em all and let God sort ‘em out.

    “In interviews, dozens of high-level military, intelligence and law-enforcement officials in the United States, Europe and the Middle East said that contrary to the repeated assertions of senior administration officials, none of the detainees at the United States Naval Base at Guantánamo Bay ranked as leaders or senior operatives of Al Qaeda,” the New York Times reported on June 21, 2004. “They said only a relative handful — some put the number at about a dozen, others more than two dozen — were sworn Qaeda members or other militants able to elucidate the organization’s inner workings.”

    • A d v e r t i s e m e n t
    • efoods

    Even the CIA admitted the detainees were not only at best low-level recruits but “innocent men swept up in the chaos of the war,” in other words they happened to live in the country when the United States invaded and attacked the CIA-ISI created Taliban and al-Qaeda.

    As it turns out, according to military tribunal documents released under an Associated Press FIOA, many of the men currently at Gitmo were sold to the United States for bounties. Most are completely innocent of any crime.

    You might think Col. Peters is a throwback to Bush and his neocon troglodytes. But think again. Obama is more deadly than Bush when it comes to Afghanistan and now Pakistan. “Simple arithmetic reveals that the eleven days under the Obama clock were 18-50% more deadly for Afghan civilians than the twenty days under the Bush regime,” writes Marc W. Herold. Obama is a victim of “rotten advice,” Herold claims, but this is wrong because Obama decides nothing, he is merely a good-looking guy our rulers need to read the teleprompters.

    Over at the Pentagon, there is no shortage of Col. Ralph Peters who’d like nothing better than to mow down the Gitmo detainees and put an end once and for all to the touchy issue. It’s a public relations problem at this point and one they hope will go away soon. Ralph Peters, on the other hand, is retired and can speak his mind. It’s easy to do since the corporate media repeatedly characterizes all of the detainees — the vast majority of them innocent — as evil al-Qaeda and Taliban terrorists.

    Obama tells us they are all terrorists too. But he’s not about to call for them to be lined up against a wall and shot. He has more finesse. Instead Muslims will be slaughtered in great numbers half around the world and the complicit corporate media will not report it – or will cover it up with more blather about terrorists who hate us for our freedoms. Monsters will be killed, just like they are in the movies, and too bad for the men, women, and children who have nothing to do with the contrived GWOT.

    Obama is a front man for war crimes and crimes against humanity. He takes on Bush’s legacy — more than a million innocent Iraqis killed, millions more made homeless and subjected to never-ending misery — and Obama moves to the next level: killing an increasing number of innocents in Pakistan. Obama and his puppet masters are directly responsible for the massive humanitarian crisis now unfolding in Pakistan’s Swat Valley. More than two million refugees need urgent help, according to the Red Cross. For our rulers, this is merely another scene played out on the bloody stage of the Theater of the Macabre.

    Since an appreciable number of these refugees likely support or at least accept the rule of the Taliban, maybe the United States should carpet bomb the Lahore Refugee Camp in Swabi. After all, as Peters says, there will be “miscarriages of justice.”

    URL to article: http://www.infowars.com/col-peters-kill-gitmo-detainees/

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