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    Florida News Report on Obama Joker “Vandalism” 

    Kurt Nimmo
    August 11, 2009

    WFTV in Florida aired a report today on Infowars Obama Joker posters glued to Post Office mailboxes. “A vocal and graphic Internet campaign attacking President Barack Obama just hit Central Florida and one of its first targets was a U.S. Post Office,” the news station reports. “Several Lake County residents called WFTV when they spotted the ‘Joker’ posters on stop signs and saw workers scraping them off the post office in Clermont.”

    featured stories   Florida News Report on Obama Joker Vandalism
    Many Americans no longer has the stomach for political satire and parody.

    See the news report including a video on the WFTV website.

    Alex Jones and Infowars have stated that Obama Joker posters should not be posted on government or private property. The posters should be posted only in legal public commons areas where other posters, fliers, handbills, etc., are posted.

    WFTV claims residents and the postmaster were “deeply offended” by the posters. “I’ve been with the Postal Service for 30 years now,” he said. “I’ve never seen anything this insensitive,” said the postmaster, Willie Montgomery.

    Mr. Montgomery was not specific, although it would seem he considers the satirical and critical parody of Obama to be insensitive. Montgomery and the residents of Clermont may not realize it, but political satire and parody have a long history dating back well before the author Jonathan Swift wrote his A Modest Proposal in 1729. Political cartoons were instrumental in the American Revolutionary War. Scathing political cartoons appeared in Ben Franklin’s newspaper The Pennsylvania Gazette and the Massachusetts Centinel. In the 1870s, cartoonist Thomas Nast published a series of illustrations lampooning the Tammany Ring, the Democratic Party political machine that played a major role in controlling New York City politics.

    The Obama as Joker meme fits in that esteemed tradition — and may be considered “subvertisement” of a popular Hollywood movie as well — but then history is lost on a dumbed-down public all too ready to fawn and grovel at the feet of political leaders who betray them at every turn.

    Indeed, the point is to “deeply offend” the sensibilities and get people to think about what Obama stands for and the people he represents.

    Our rulers were shrewd when they selected Obama to be president — they understood the politically correct mechanism at work in American society, an ethic inculcated over the last three decades. It will now be considered a racist crime to criticize and parody Barack Obama. How long before this criticism and disagreement becomes a punishable crime?

    URL to article: http://www.infowars.com/florida-news-report-on-obama-joker-vandalism/

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    Chris Matthews Fails to Roast New Hampshire Patriot 

    August 11, 2009

    Chris Matthews tries his darnest to make William Kostric out to be a gun-wielding nut and fails miserably. His anger at the very prospect of the Second Amendment is palatable.

    URL to article: http://www.infowars.com/chris-matthews-fails-to-roast-new-hampshire-patriot/

    • furious buddha 10:31 pm on August 11, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Chris Matthews doesn’t have to do anything to make Kostric out to be a nut-Kostric does just fine on that count all by himself. The Founding Fathers were talking about muskets in the hands of citizens when there was no standing army or local police. There is nothing to support the idea that any jackass should be able to tool around with a 9mm.

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    The Tyranny of Weight Control 

    Karen De Coster
    Lew Rockwell
    August 11, 2009
    • A d v e r t i s e m e n t
    • efoods

    Once again, the U.S. government is busy producing a series of frenzied health “findings,” making the case that the assorted health problems plaguing Americans keep getting worse, they can’t be solved on an individual basis, and therefore it’s a collective problem that demands an aggressive intervention on the part of bureaucrats through a series of central-planning policies. This article from the Wall Street Journal gives publicity to the government’s obsession with stamping out one health issue in particular, obesity. A couple of snippets from the article claim,

    “Obesity and with it diabetes are the only major health problems that are getting worse in this country, and they’re getting worse rapidly,” he said.

    Change is needed on many fronts, he added. “Reversing obesity is not going to be done successfully with individual effort.”

    These words were verbalized by Thomas Friedan, the new director of the CDC (Center for Disease Control). Obesity and diabetes are two of the government’s favorite “wars,” and this is because the epidemic of obesity, which tends to be a chief cause of diabetes in adults, can pave way for a series of centrally-planned food and prescription drug policies that can be passed off, with minimal effort, as a collective cure to the masses. In fact, solving America’s fat problem, on an aggregate scale, would provide government with wide-ranging powers over individuals and their day-to-day lifestyles. This has government officials – federal, state, and local – salivating over the prospect of such an enormous level of control through policy-wonking and special interest baiting.

    Read entire article

    URL to article: http://www.infowars.com/the-tyranny-of-weight-control/

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    U.S. Web-Tracking Plan Stirs Privacy Fears 

    Spencer S. Hsu and Cecilia Kang
    The Washington Post
    August 11, 2009
    • A d v e r t i s e m e n t
    • efoods

    The Obama administration is proposing to scale back a long-standing ban on tracking how people use government Internet sites with “cookies” and other technologies, raising alarms among privacy groups.

    A two-week public comment period ended Monday on a proposal by the White House Office of Management and Budget to end a ban on federal Internet sites using such technologies and replace it with other privacy safeguards. The current prohibition, in place since 2000, can be waived if an agency head cites a “compelling need.”

    Supporters of a change say social networking and similar services, which often take advantage of the tracking technologies, have transformed how people communicate over the Internet, and Obama’s aides say those services can make government more transparent and increase public involvement.

    Read entire article

    URL to article: http://www.infowars.com/u-s-web-tracking-plan-stirs-privacy-fears/

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    Government Prepares for “unwillingness to follow government orders” 

    Karen De Coster
    LRC Blog
    August 11, 2009

    The International Swine Flu Conference is being held in Washington D.C. next week, just two weeks after the conference on weight control that I wrote about last week. Here’s a summary of it:

    Top leaders and key decision-makers of major companies representing a broad range of industries will meet with distinguished scientists, public health officials, law enforcers, first responders, and other experts to discuss pandemic prevention, preparedness, response and recovery at the 1st International Swine Flu Summit.

    Read the agenda for the breakout sessions, especially the session on “psychological issues” (Session #2) and the topic heading: “Unwillingness to follow government orders.” Also note session #6, which includes “Control and diffuse social unrest & public disorder” and “Isolate prisons and other facilities.”

    URL to article: http://www.infowars.com/government-prepares-for-unwillingness-to-follow-government-orders/

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    9/11 Mind Swell 

    Joel S. Hirschhorn
    Global Research
    August 11, 2009

    As we approach the eighth anniversary of 9/11 consider this paradox. In the post 9-11 years the scientific evidence for disbelieving the official government story has mounted incredibly. And the number of highly respected and credentialed professionals challenging the official story has similarly expanded. Yet, to the considerable disappointment of the international 9/11 truth movement, the objective fact is that there are no widespread, loud demands for a new government-backed 9/11 investigation. The 9/11 truth movement is the epitome of a marginalized movement, one that never goes away despite not achieving truly meaningful results, which in this case means replacing official lies with official truth. What has gone wrong?

    Akin to the definition of insanity, the hallmark of entrenched but marginalized movements is that they continue to pursue exactly the same strategy and tactics that have failed to produce solid results. They indulge themselves with self-delusion, defensive thinking and acting as if the world at large must surely and finally wake up, see the light and embrace the Truth. Years and, potentially, decades go by, but this quixotic status quo remains embedded, as if set in intellectual concrete. There is no brain tumor to blame. Nor any mass hypnosis of true believers to prove. There is just monumental disinterest among the dominant culture, political establishment and the broad public that is far more engaged with other issues, problems and movements.

    The 9/11 truth movement, at best, gets meager public attention when it is derided and insulted, used as an example of persistent conspiratorial insanity.

    Make no mistake; I concluded a few years back, after using my professional engineering and materials science background to study the evidence, that the official government story is a lie. As a former full professor of engineering, I firmly believe that elements of the US government were involved with contributing to (not just allowing) the 9/11 tragedy, but that does not necessarily eliminate the role of those terrorists publicly blamed for the events. Science, logic, evidence and critical thinking told me this.

    Who should we blame for the failure of the 9/11 truth movement to fix the historical record and, better yet, identify those in the government who turned 9/11 into an excuse for going to war, getting them indicted, prosecuted, and punished for their murderous acts?

    It is too easy to blame the mainstream media and political establishment for refusing to demand and pursue a truly comprehensive and credible independent scientific and engineering investigation. President Obama with his tenacious belief in looking forward, not backward, exemplifies a national mindset to avoid the painful search for truth and justice that could produce still more public disillusionment with government and feed the belief that American democracy is weak at best, and delusional at worst.

    • A d v e r t i s e m e n t
    • efoods

    Marginalized movements always face competition for public attention. There are always countless national issues and problems that feed new movements and distract the public. There have been many since 9/11, not the least of which was the last presidential campaign and then the painful economic recession, and now the right wing attacks on health care reform. The 9/11 truth movement illustrates a total failure to compete successfully with other events and movements.

    This can be explained in several ways. The 9/11 movement has not been able to articulate enough benefits to the public from disbelieving the official government story and pursuing a new investigation. What might ordinary Americans gain? Would proof-positive of government involvement make them feel better, more secure, and more patriotic? Apparently not. In fact, just the opposite. By its very nature, the 9/11 issue threatens many things by discovering the truth: still less confidence in the US political system, government and public officials. Still more reason to ponder the incredible loss of life and national wealth in pursuing the Iraq war. In other words, revealing 9/11 truth offers the specter of a huge national bummer. Conversely, it would show the world that American democracy has integrity.

    The second explanation for failure is that the truth movement itself is greatly to blame. It has been filled with nerdish, ego-centric and self-serving activists (often most interested in pushing their pet theory) unable to pursue strategies designed to face and overcome ugly, challenging realities. The truth movement became a cottage industry providing income and meaning for many individuals and groups feeding the committed with endless websites, public talks, videos, books and paraphernalia. They habitually preach to the choir. Applause substitutes for solid results. In particular, it embraces the simplistic (and obviously ineffective) belief that by revealing technical, scientific and engineering facts and evidence the public and political establishment would be compelled to see the light. Darkness has prevailed.

    Proof of this are the views expressed days ago on the truth movement by Ben Cohen on the Huffington Post: “I have done some research on the topic, but stopped fairly quickly into when it dawned on me that: 1. Any alternative to the official account of what happened is so absurd it simply cannot be true. 2. No reputable scientific journal has ever taken any of the ’science’ of the conspiracy seriously. 3. The evidence supporting the official story is overwhelming, whereas the 9/11 Truthers have yet to produce a shred of concrete evidence that members of the U.S. government planned the attacks in New York and Washington .” Similarly, in the London Times James Bone recently said a “gruesome assortment of conspiracy theorists insists that the attacks on the US of September 11, 2001 were an inside job. It is easy to mock this deluded gang of ageing hippies, anarchists and anti-Semites.” Truthers continue to face a very steep uphill battle.

    A common lie about the truth movement is that there have been no credible scientific articles in peer reviewed journals supporting it. But those opposing the truth movement will and do find ways to attack whatever scientific evidence is produced and published. It takes more than good science and facts for the movement to succeed.

    Besides the movement having too many genuine crackpots (possibly trying to subvert it), a larger problem is what has been missing from it: effective political strategies. Besides pushing scientific results and more credible supporters, it did nothing successful to make a new 9/11 investigation a visible issue in the last presidential campaign. It did nothing effective to put pressure on a new, Democrat controlled congress to consider legislation providing the authorization and funding for a new, credible investigation. It seems that people who want to blame the government are often unable to also see the political path forward that requires the government to fund a new investigation.

    To its credit, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth does have a petition aimed at Congress, demanding a new investigation, but has fewer than 5,000 signers. The petition effort in New York City to get a new investigation is commendable, with just under 75,000 signers, but national action is needed. Pragmatically, both efforts are unimpressive compared to other campaigns seeking political action. To get both media attention and political support the movement needs a hundred times more documented supporters, willing to do a lot more than sign a petition.

    The tenth anniversary of 9/11 will come fast. The opportunity is making 9/11 an issue in the 2012 presidential campaign. The least delusional and defensive in the truth movement should think deeply and seriously on what needs to change to accomplish the prime goal: having an official investigation that compels most people and history to accept the truth, no matter how painful it is, including the possibility that it finds no compelling evidence for government involvement.

    URL to article: http://www.infowars.com/911-mind-swell/

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    Man Confronts Arlen Specter at Town Hall 

    August 11, 2009

    The man had the gall to call out Arlen “Magic Bullet” Specter at a town hall meeting on Obamacare. The man accused Specter of having his pockets stuffed with money from lobbyists, a rather mundane state of affairs in the district of criminals.

    “One day God is going to stand before you and he’s going to judge you and the rest of your damn cronies up on the Hill and then you will get your just deserts,” the man said.

    URL to article: http://www.infowars.com/man-confronts-arlen-specter-at-town-hall/

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    Sibel Edmonds Deposition: Deep Corruption Beneath the Surface 

    Erik Larson
    August 11, 2009
    • A d v e r t i s e m e n t
    • efoods

    Aug 8, 2009, Sibel Edmonds gave a sworn deposition in which she testified to her knowledge of treasonous crimes and corruption involving current and former members of Congress and State and Defense Dept. officials. Given the nature of the deposition, the lines of questioning focused on Turkish espionage and services obtained through bribery and blackmail by Turkish officials and proxies. However, Edmonds has previously disclosed that the corruption involving U.S. officials also includes money laundering, trafficking in drugs, arms and nuclear secrets, U.S. support for Bin Laden/Al Qaeda, and obstruction of FBI investigations related to 9/11, before and after the attacks; she said these things came up “briefly” during the deposition. Edmonds learned of these things from wiretaps she listened to while working as a translator for the FBI in 2001-2002.

    Read entire article

    URL to article: http://www.infowars.com/sibel-edmonds-deposition-deep-corruption-beneath-the-surface/

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    Judge Jails Man for Yawning in Court 

    AOL NewsAugust 11, 2009
    • A d v e r t i s e m e n t
    • efoods

    As Clifton Williams sat in the courtroom in Joliet, Ill., awaiting his cousin’s sentencing on drug charges, little did he know he would soon be the one in jail.

    As Judge Daniel Rozak sentenced Williams’ cousin to two years probation, Williams yawned, an act that earned him six months in jail on contempt charges, the Chicago Tribune reported.

    Williams’ father said he was “flabbergasted” by the sentence, the maximum issued for a contempt charge without a jury trial. “It seems to me like a yawn is an involuntary action,” Clifton Williams Sr. told the newspaper.

    The court disagreed. While Rozak did not comment on the charges, a state’s attorney’s office spokesman, Chuck Pelkie, said Williams did not let out a “simple” yawn. “It was a loud and boisterous attempt to disrupt the proceedings,” he said.

    Read entire article

    URL to article: http://www.infowars.com/judge-jails-man-for-yawning-in-court/

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    MSNBC Host: Calling Obama Socialist Is Code For N-Word 

    Paul Joseph Watson
    Prison Planet.com
    Tuesday, August 11, 2009

    MSNBC Host: Calling Obama Socialist Is Code For N Word 110809top

    After bizarrely claiming that the Obama Joker posters were somehow racist, despite the fact that George W. Bush was also characterized as the comic book villain during his presidency, the establishment media is now floating the wacky conspiracy theory that calling Obama a “socialist” is a secret code which really means the n-word.

    Is there really no end to this madness? How can people criticize Obama if every time they so much as question the great leader, they are smeared in the media as racists?

    MSNBC’s Carlos Watson introduced a segment on his show yesterday by wondering whether calling Obama a “socialist” was “becoming a code word, whether or not socialist is becoming the new n-word for some angry upset birthers and others.”

    Watson then said there was a “line of responsibility” that had to be drawn which extended to “the words we choose, including how we use even legitimate words like socialist.”

    Watson’s guest then agreed with the host that “the political dialogue has certain boundaries”.

    The Orwellian move to reduce our vocabulary by effectively frowning upon the use of words that in reality have no racial connotations at all is another example of how political correctness and the race card is being used to eviscerate free speech while shielding the Obama administration from growing fury over his big government agenda.

    • A d v e r t i s e m e n t
    • efoods

    Calling Obama a socialist has all the racial undertones of calling George W. Bush a fascist – ie none whatsoever.

    Calling Obama a socialist relates to the fact that his administration is introducing an agenda that is infinitely more closely aligned with the political philosophy of socialism and communism than it is with the ideology of the founding fathers, it has nothing to do with racism.

    The vast majority of those protesting Obamacare are doing so because of what is contained in the different versions of the health care bill, not because Obama, a mixed-race child born of a white mother and raised by white grandparents in a privileged environment, is a “black” man.

    Pro-Obama apologists in the media and their brownshirt enforcers on the streets are attempting to crush freedom of speech at every turn by playing the race card over and over again.

    You Tube recently censored Alex Jones videos which contained the Obama Joker poster, depicting Obama as the comic book villain in Batman, despite the fact that George W. Bush had also been portrayed as the Joker on many previous occasions.

    As we reported on Friday, pro-Obamacare union thugs last week assaulted Kenneth Gladney, who was handing out Gadsen flags outside an event in in Mehville, Missouri that opponents of the health care bill were barred from entering. The fact that Gladney is a black man is a fitting rebuttal to claims that Obamacare protesters are motivated by racism. The only aggression amidst the whole town hall rebellion has been on behalf of pro-Obama supporters and a black man was the victim.

    Watch the clip from MSNBC below.

    URL to article: http://www.infowars.com/msnbc-host-calling-obama-socialist-is-code-for-n-word/

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